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Costco: Subs up, hotdogs flat


Costco is famous for two things: cheap hotdogs and a membership model with subscription fees. The cost of the hotdog might be staying put but the membership fees aren’t, with Costco hiking the fees for the first time in years. That’s grabbing all the headlines right now, but there’s far more to the story. With such a strong run in the share price, is it overcooked? Or is the current valuation justified?

Costco: Subs up, hotdogs flat2024-07-17T20:40:37+02:00

Magic Markets Ep184: Geopolitics, Defense Stocks and Tech Ideas


In our quest to bring you global insights into the markets, we are thrilled to welcome Dimitri Zabelin to Magic Markets. As Founder and Geopolitical Strategist at Pantheon Insights, Dimitri has worked for institutions ranging from the World Economic Forum through to IG Group. He has a portfolio of international clients who he advises on geopolitical trends affecting markets, economies and businesses. In this podcast, we touched on US jobs data and what it tells us about consumers, an investment thesis for defense stocks (like Lockheed Martin) and various tech ideas ranging from Big Tech down to the frothy stocks that are a feature of Cathie Wood's world. Take your market knowledge to the next level with Magic Markets.

Magic Markets Ep184: Geopolitics, Defense Stocks and Tech Ideas2024-07-18T03:30:17+02:00

Tesla: Trying to Put the Auto in Automobile


Tesla – a car company, or not. If you believe it is, then you won’t go near this valuation. If you back the story that this is a technology powerhouse with a bright future in autonomous driving, then you just might. As we cover in this research report as a pre-cursor to the next quarterly earnings release, the economics around the automotive business have deteriorated sharply. For Tesla bulls, it’s never been more important for the FSD thesis to come to the fore.

Tesla: Trying to Put the Auto in Automobile2024-07-10T22:23:22+02:00

Magic Markets Ep183: Investing in Global BRNDZ


In a discussion that started with a reflection on the market moves in the latest quarter and the extent to which Big Tech has driven the indices, Craig Antonie of AnBro Capital Investments and the usual duo of Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost also delved into the BRNDZ portfolio at AnBro and the strategy around investing in the world's most valuable brands. Touching on a number of investment concepts ranging from cycles and balance sheets through to portfolio construction and long-term strategies, this is a highly insightful discussion for any serious investor.

Magic Markets Ep183: Investing in Global BRNDZ2024-07-10T21:50:05+02:00

Magic Markets Ep182: A GNU Dawn


The GNU dawn is all the rage in South Africa, but what does this mean for portfolio strategies? In this show, Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost add to the market discourse around the South African opportunities with a sobering view on some of the macroeconomic indicators, coupled with highly practical thoughts on what to be careful of in the equity market as part of a broader GNU play. And of course, there's a particular sector that the hosts put on the table as a potential winner in a GNU-driven recovery story. To enhance your understanding of the market and get views that you might not hear elsewhere, this is a great episode of Magic Markets.

Magic Markets Ep182: A GNU Dawn2024-07-03T23:33:27+02:00

Acushnet: Still a Hole-in-One?


Is Acushnet a hole-in-one or a potential financial hole? With the resurgence of golf and ongoing growth in the sport during and after the pandemic, those who bought five years ago have a great scorecard. More recent buyers have had a tougher time. Is the company good enough to justify single stock exposure?

Acushnet: Still a Hole-in-One?2024-07-03T20:32:16+02:00

Magic Markets Ep181: The Real-World DD: EVs, Sephora, Topgolf and more


Listen to the show here: Description: With The Finance Ghost having just returned from a trip to the UK, France and Dubai, the opportunity was clear to talk through some of the brands and business models that have been researched in Magic Markets Premium. It's one thing doing desktop research. It's another thing walking through a Sephora store or swinging a club at Topgolf. Mohammed Nalla lives in Canada so he's already had this experience for some time now, leading to an insightful discussion. And let's not forget EVs, which are always a bone of contention on Magic Markets. Having seen [...]

Magic Markets Ep181: The Real-World DD: EVs, Sephora, Topgolf and more2024-06-26T22:47:22+02:00

Darden: Can Full-Service Win?


Darden Restaurants is a full-service restaurant group, which means they are scaling a business model that doesn’t like to scale. This gives them plenty of runway for growth in a fragmented market, but it means that nothing comes easily. Still, through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, the business has pulled off decent returns. Does pressure in the restaurant industry offer an attractive entry point, or is this wise to avoid for now?

Darden: Can Full-Service Win?2024-06-26T21:21:27+02:00

Stellantis: The Bubble Brands


Stellantis has as collection of brands that don't really belong together. That's because they were formed by a merger of two groups that were struggling to see separate long-term futures. Even then, there's no guarantee that Stellantis will carve out a sustainable strategy. With a multi-platform approach and brands that do well in their home markets, Stellantis does have some positive elements. But the elephant in the room, or is that the dragon in the room, is China.

Stellantis: The Bubble Brands2024-06-19T14:47:29+02:00

Magic Markets Ep180: Home Country Bias


Home country bias is a real danger for investors. We tend to buy the brands we know, rather than taking an objective view on a global opportunity set. Global context is beyond important, particularly when you've had the benefit of engaging with investors and professionals in deep pools of capital like Europe and North America. In this episode, Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost take advantage of recent travels to discuss how the South African market differs from global markets like the UK and America. For any investor serious about global wealth creation, this is a valuable discussion.

Magic Markets Ep180: Home Country Bias2024-06-19T14:28:59+02:00
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