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Recap: MercadoLibre


We first covered MercadoLibre in March 2023. We talked about Alibaba meeting Amazon in Latin America. Mostly, we were just highly impressed with the cohesive ecosystem that the company has built. We were also big fans of the commitment to profitability, something that many tech companies could learn something from. With Argentina in the headlines and renewed focus on the broader LatAm region, how has the business performed this year?

Recap: MercadoLibre2023-11-29T22:06:56+02:00

Magic Markets Ep153: MultiChoice and Comcast


Welcome to Magic Markets Episode 153, brought to you by B2IT. In this episode, we're dipping our toes into the dynamic world of media and streaming as we discuss Comcast and MultiChoice. In this show we unpack multiple ways one can invest in MultiChoice, Comcast's innovative approach at its Peacock streaming service, MultiChoice's subscriber growth in the face of challenges like load shedding, and the strategic partnership unfolding between Comcast and MultiChoice. We also compare to other media giants like Netflix, Disney and Warner Media. It's a jam-packed show. Give it a listen.

Magic Markets Ep153: MultiChoice and Comcast2023-11-30T08:05:00+02:00

Magic Markets Ep152: Walmart and Target


In episode 152 of Magic Markets, we’ve lined up a battle of the retail giants – Target vs. Walmart. Although we haven’t covered the former yet in Magic Markets Premium, we’ve covered Walmart and some of its largest competitors, like Costco. This week's show unpacks why Target massively beat expectations and some interesting trends in product categories. We also unpack why we need to look at constant currency results and the impact of inflation trends on these companies. There's alot to learn here. Join us.

Magic Markets Ep152: Walmart and Target2023-11-22T21:44:44+02:00

TJX: Black Friday Every Day


Could TJX be the best retailer you've never heard of? With a regional moat that executes off-price retail with great success at scale, we really like this company. The valuation has run hard though, so what does that mean for entry tactics?

TJX: Black Friday Every Day2023-11-22T21:52:54+02:00

Boeing: Turbulent Times


Boeing is in a tough industry and things have been even harder in recent years. After terrible reputational damage before the pandemic that included tragic loss of life, the supply chain hangover of the pandemic and the extensive debt raise to keep the company going just added to the pain trade. Now a turnaround story at best, is there something here for punters?

Boeing: Turbulent Times2023-11-15T20:49:13+02:00

Magic Markets Ep151: Balwin, Calgro M3 and D.R Horton


This week, we’ve got property on our minds – buying it, renting it and even building it from the ground up. While Ghost is bringing homegrown insights from locally listed property investors Balwin and Calgro M3, Moe is discussing D.R Horton (no relation to Dr. Seuss), a home construction company headquartered in Arlington, Texas.

Magic Markets Ep151: Balwin, Calgro M3 and D.R Horton2023-11-15T20:13:43+02:00

Qualcomm: Here There Be Snapdragons


Qualcomm holds a vast library of patents for 3G, 4G and 5G technology. The company has earned licensing revenue for years, with the profits reinvested in extensive R&D to create the Snapdragon range of chips and associated systems. On paper, it should all be going well. In practice, Qualcomm has been a laggard in the sector. With smartphone volumes under pressure, what does the near-term picture look like?

Qualcomm: Here There Be Snapdragons2023-11-09T00:35:10+02:00

Magic Markets Ep150: Revisiting Dexcom


Welcome to another exciting episode of our podcast featuring Justine Brophy from AnBro, a voice familiar to listeners. This week, we're revisiting Dexcom as a stock that AnBro holds in its Unicorn portfolio. It’s great to be able to track the journey of a specific stock through a volatile market, with Justine regularly coming onto the show to use it as a good example of how the team at AnBro reacts to market dynamics. This show discusses what the recent market turbulence and why does AnBro remain invested in the stock, despite a headache-inducing rollercoaster ride from $112 to $74 and back to $96 per share?

Magic Markets Ep150: Revisiting Dexcom2023-11-08T19:14:45+02:00

Magic Markets Ep149: Amazon and Alphabet


Welcome to episode 149 of Magic Markets. It’s the middle of US earnings season, and two international tech giants have released results last week. This is a tale of two stocks, with one garnering a very positive reaction from the market and the other… well, not so much. Join us as we discuss Amazon and Alphabet (the holding company of Google).

Magic Markets Ep149: Amazon and Alphabet2023-11-01T21:28:20+02:00

The Hershey Company: Sugar Crash


With many people still recovering from the sugar hangover that is Halloween, we felt it was a good time to cover consumer brands business Hershey. Although there’s a strong attempt underway to grow the healthier product lines, Hershey is known as a confectionary company. There’s been nothing sweet about the performance this year, with the market talking about the “Ozempic Era” and the popularity of weight-loss drugs. The worry is whether the cravings will go away. For investors, the risk is that profits go away with those cravings. But is the market simply focusing on the wrong thing entirely?

The Hershey Company: Sugar Crash2023-11-01T23:21:12+02:00
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