Tripadvisor: A One Star Review


Tripadvisor has a great brand, but does it have a great business? Or does it have a business at all, in the modern world of competitors like Google Maps? Worst of all, doesn't Tripadvisor have to pay Google just to stay relevant? It's not looking good for the famous travel and tourism company.

Tripadvisor: A One Star Review2023-05-24T23:13:08+02:00

3M: Post-its, Profits and Plans


3M has a track record of 120 years of innovation. That sounds very impressive, but a share price chart over the past two decades tells a far less appealing story. This lumbering giant of a conglomerate has underperformed for years. Are there any catalysts for positive change?

3M: Post-its, Profits and Plans2023-05-17T22:34:57+02:00

LVMH: Luxury Valuation, Market High


LVMH stands for luxury and exclusivity. Those who have held the shares for long enough would've gotten themselves closer to affording the products, as this has been a long-term winner. Do the numbers support the recent share price trend, or is this purely a momentum play?

LVMH: Luxury Valuation, Market High2023-05-11T00:01:55+02:00

Lovesac: Finding Money in the Couch


Lovesac is the bestselling couch in America, according to the company at least. It’s the fast-growing furniture business that you’ve never heard of. Lovesac have doubled both revenue and net income between 2021 and 2023, currently trading on a forward P/E in the mid-teens after a major stock price correction in the past 12 months.

Lovesac: Finding Money in the Couch2023-05-03T23:58:39+02:00

Prologis: Safe as Warehouses


As the world’s largest owner of logistics and warehousing property, Prologis has been enjoying the tailwind from a structural shift to eCommerce. With a strong balance sheet and lots of strategic optionality, the company has achieved surprising growth from an asset class that many see as boring.

Prologis: Safe as Warehouses2023-04-26T22:28:14+02:00

Tupperware: The Party is Over


At Tupperware, the party is nearly over. With a sales strategy that simply didn't move with the times, Tupperware is the perfect example of Ernest Hemingway's concept of going bankrupt gradually and then suddenly. Is there anything left here for equity holders?

Tupperware: The Party is Over2023-04-20T01:10:20+02:00

FedEx: More with Less


FedEx keeps delivering share price volatility and major shifts in its operations, so we keep covering this stock. With news of a substantial cost cutting plan now in the market, the share price has been on a strong run this year. With margins suffering a hard landing, can management deliver this plan?

FedEx: More with Less2023-04-12T22:17:23+02:00

Ulta: Skin Deep or Deep Pockets?


There's a big difference between a great company and a great investment. Ulta Beauty plays in the most lucrative retail categories of all, yet the share price seems to be ignoring management's warnings of normalising margins. Where does this leave the risk-reward setup?

Ulta: Skin Deep or Deep Pockets?2023-04-06T00:40:51+02:00

Winners They Come and Winnebago


Is there anything more American than an RV? Winnebago is a pure-play look at consumer durables in the US. This makes it highly cyclical, so timing is everything with this stock. Right now, sales are plummeting. This is all about trying to figure out where the bottom might be.

Winners They Come and Winnebago2023-03-30T10:29:58+02:00

Spotify: Streaming on the Bleeding Edge


Spotify has 500 million monthly active users, yet the business model economics are far from proven. It doesn't help to grow users without any regard for profitability, or all that is happening is that the losses are getting bigger! In our research, we delve into both the strategic drivers and the key trends in ARPU and gross margin to arrive at our conclusion. Spoiler alert: we are bearish.

Spotify: Streaming on the Bleeding Edge2023-03-22T21:27:46+02:00
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