In this episode of Magic Markets, Craig Antonie of AnBro Capital Investments joined us to discuss a few energy opportunities in the US that the AnBro funds have positions in. There are both dividend- and growth-oriented funds available at AnBro, so there is something for (almost) everyone.

The energy theme is a major driver of global markets at the moment, with a clear push towards clean and green energy (not always the same thing) and inflationary pressure in fossil fuel prices as a result. With a major regulatory move in the form of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the US is the place to be when it comes to investing in energy.

With natural gas as the largest current contributor, one can realistically expect clean and green energy sources to attract the bulk of investment in years to come. There are shovel-in-the-gold-rush opportunities in this space, like power management companies. There are also the utilities or the technology companies in the renewable energy industry.

Craig walked us through the investment thesis for NextEra Energy Partners ($NEP) and First Solar ($FSLR) in detail, with a passing mention of Constellation Energy ($CEG) as good examples of how this sector offers opportunities for different types of investors.

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