When most investors think of growth-style funds, they imagine software-as-a-service businesses and artificial intelligence. Sometimes, growth can be found in industries that are as old as time itself, like the medical field.

Justine Brophy of AnBro Capital Investments returned to the show to recap two companies that we’ve talked about previously.

The first is Dexcom, a company that focuses entirely on devices for management of diabetes. With an ambassador-led model and adverts at the Super Bowl, the business is building a brand that treats diabetes as a manageable part of any lifestyle. This fast-growing stock benefits from the unfortunate growth trend in diabetes, a function of poor health globally. It’s a difficult stock to trade, but AnBro is in it for the long haul.

The second is STAAR Surgical, a company that has sold over 2 million lenses worldwide. This is the gift of sight, with the company designing and manufacturing lenses that reduce reliance on glasses or contact lenses for patients. The trick here is the look-through to China as the key market, with lockdowns in China as a major driver of the STAAR share price.

Listen to this episode to learn not just about $DXCM and $STAA, but about how the team at AnBro thinks about investing.

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