In Episode 132 of Magic Markets, we dealt with cats and water sprayers alongside Call of Duty characters and their strange names. It was entertaining to say the least, with Justine Brophy from AnBro Capital Investments joining us on this show.

What we really dealt with is the role of global competition authorities in the market and how they can have such an impact on stocks, with Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard as the obvious example. The Call of Duty reference should now make sense. You’ll have to listen to the show for the cat reference. We talked about:

  • The strength of the Activision Blizzard intellectual property and why Microsoft wants to buy the group.
  • The concerns that the regulators have about the transaction in the context of gaming platforms worldwide.
  • The expectations of the market about the likelihood of an approval in the US and how this might influence regulators elsewhere in the world.
  • What this all means for valuations in the growth arena and specifically the tech sector, especially as investors continue to bake in the ability for large tech platforms to keep making successful acquisitions in the way that e.g. Meta did over the years

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