Welcome to another exciting episode of our podcast featuring Justine Brophy from AnBro, a voice familiar to listeners.

This week, we’re revisiting Dexcom as a stock that AnBro holds in its Unicorn portfolio. It’s great to be able to track the journey of a specific stock through a volatile market, with Justine regularly coming onto the show to use it as a good example of how the team at AnBro reacts to market dynamics.

Specifically, we discussed:

  • What has caused the recent market turbulence and has the narrative from the Fed changed?
  • What does Dexcom do?
  • Why does AnBro remain invested in the stock, despite a headache-inducing rollercoaster ride from $112 to $74 and back to $96 per share?
  • What factors are contributing to the company’s revenue growth and margin improvements?
  • What does the competitive landscape look like for Dexcom and is there risk of market entry by a wearables powerhouse like Apple?

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Episode 150 of Magic Markets is brought to you by AnBro Capital Investments, an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP number 48371.