For those who have been with us since the very beginning of Magic Markets, Moe’s blue hoodie is back! Well, a blue hoodie is back, even if it’s not the same one as before.

Justine Brophy is also back, bringing us the latest thinking from AnBro Capital Investments. As is usually the case, these are growth stocks that almost certainly aren’t on your radar. Investing in these stocks requires deep research, sensible position sizing and an appreciation of the valuation metrics used in this space.

In this show, he took us through Madrigal (the company that has won the “MASH dash”) and Myomo, a neurological mobility company. If you enjoy learning about new companies and sectors of the market that you haven’t looked at before, then you’ll absolutely love listening to Brophy talking about these stocks with us.

Episode 167 of Magic Markets is brought to you by AnBro Capital Investments, an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP number 48371.

As always, you must do your own research. This podcast is for informational purposes only.

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