Craig Antonie of AnBro Capital Investments has joined us before on Magic Markets. In Episode 11 (February 2021), we learnt about his approach to growth investing. In May 2021, he joined us again on Episode 27 to unpack the sell-off in growth stocks at the time and whether this changed his approach (it didn’t – which is a good thing!)

We are thrilled to welcome Craig back to Magic Markets. He will be joining us every month to discuss growth stocks and the related complexities of investing in that space.

Having been through an incredibly volatile period for growth stocks, Craig takes us through his approach once more and why it has been relatively resilient within the context of the broader sector performance. We specifically discussed the ways in which the Unicorn Global Growth Fund differs from the ARK Innovation Fund.
AnBro Capital focuses on a founder-led model and keeps a buffer of cash in the portfolio to respond to volatility – a sensible approach in our view!

Episode 65 of Magic Markets is brought to you by AnBro Capital Investments, an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP number 48371

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