Magic Markets Ep163: Airbnb and Shopify


Platform businesses are fascinating things that can make a great deal of money at scale. This week in Magic Markets Premium, we covered Uber and its emergence as a financial butterfly in literally the last year. To keep the platform theme going, we decided to cover Airbnb and Shopify in this week’s free Magic Markets show, made possible by B2IT.

Magic Markets Ep163: Airbnb and Shopify2024-02-21T17:07:47+02:00

Airbnb: The travel swing


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Airbnb and its Q1’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 1 June 2022) Airbnb is about so much more than sharing someone’s apartment in New York. The company was born in the Global Financial Crisis and has survived Covid, confirming the strength of an asset-light platform that manages to become a verb. Airbnb has never made an annual profit, yet it has a market cap of over $76 billion. Travel is in vogue right now in the markets and Airbnb seems better off in inflationary times [...]

Airbnb: The travel swing2022-06-21T19:20:52+02:00


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