Alphabet: Not So Magnificent


In 2023, Alphabet’s advertising revenue was over $100 billion higher than in 2019. In big tech, the numbers are, well, rather big. There was a time in this world when Google seemed to have an unassailable position as the go-to search engine. It’s not every day that a brand becomes a verb! Yet here we are, looking at Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality and other disruptors to the Google kingdom. Has Alphabet done enough across its businesses to still be interesting?

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Magic Markets Ep149: Amazon and Alphabet


Welcome to episode 149 of Magic Markets. It’s the middle of US earnings season, and two international tech giants have released results last week. This is a tale of two stocks, with one garnering a very positive reaction from the market and the other… well, not so much. Join us as we discuss Amazon and Alphabet (the holding company of Google).

Magic Markets Ep149: Amazon and Alphabet2023-11-01T21:28:20+02:00

Magic Markets Ep124: Five with Trive – Artificial Intelligence


It doesn't get more topical than artificial intelligence, with Alexander Weiss of Trive South Africa joining us to reflect on the extraordinary growth seen thus far and the companies at the forefront of this trend. This includes Nvidia, AMD, Microsoft, Alphabet and Meta. Join us for Five with Ttrive as we discuss these stocks.

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Alphabet: Time to Focus on Google


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Alphabet and its Q2’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 3 August 2022) Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has been the fabric of the internet for as long as any of us can remember. All the buzzwords are now in the business, like AI, machine learning and cloud. The technologies of tomorrow are burning cash while the technologies of today are struggling to maintain their margins. Alphabet’s core business is the Search segment and the company has never faced more competition than today, with younger [...]

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