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Magic Markets Ep127: Are You Yearning For Yield?


The Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management team give us an update on the latest capital raise in the Westbrooke Yield Plus fund and take our listeners through a case study of how some of these deals are structured. After an extraordinary pace of rate hikes by the Bank of England, the base rate in UK now offers genuinely appealing yield and this presents opportunities for the fund and for investors.

Magic Markets Ep127: Are You Yearning For Yield?2023-05-31T22:51:21+02:00

Magic Markets Ep122: Anchoring Alternative Assets


In Episode 121 of Magic Markets, we reflect on some of the recent insights uncovered in our research for Magic Markets Premium. These include how the poor use of share buybacks by US companies, the divergence in performance between national and regional banks in the US, why we look for optionality in a business model, how to view cylical companies in a portfolio and the recent popularity of the luxury sector, why investors are buying these companies and the risk of chasing the hype.

Magic Markets Ep122: Anchoring Alternative Assets2023-04-25T21:11:44+02:00
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