Aston Martin: Burning Cash Faster than Fuel


The only thing that is green about Aston Martin is the colour on the Formula One cars that are giving the brand a major boost at the moment. Share price action this year has been highly speculative, with tough financial results and a balance sheet that looks set to need more equity capital.

Aston Martin: Burning Cash Faster than Fuel2023-05-31T22:16:53+02:00

Magic Markets Ep116: Aston Martin on Track?


If there’s one thing we are learning in Formula One this year, it’s that Fernando Alonso has more resilience and staying power than many international companies! Now driving for Aston Martin, a strong result in the opening race of the year certainly gave the brand a boost. It also led to many momentum and sentiment traders pulling the stock up on their screens on Monday morning, using it as an effective alternative to a bit of sports betting! “Betting” may well be the word here, as Aston Martin’s financial history is more checkered than the flag at the end of the [...]

Magic Markets Ep116: Aston Martin on Track?2023-03-15T23:07:40+02:00
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