Magic Markets Ep121: Buybacks, Banks and Big Spenders


In Episode 121 of Magic Markets, we reflect on some of the recent insights uncovered in our research for Magic Markets Premium. These include how the poor use of share buybacks by US companies, the divergence in performance between national and regional banks in the US, why we look for optionality in a business model, how to view cylical companies in a portfolio and the recent popularity of the luxury sector, why investors are buying these companies and the risk of chasing the hype.

Magic Markets Ep121: Buybacks, Banks and Big Spenders2023-04-19T18:29:36+02:00

Magic Markets Ep120: Banking On Our Banks


The failure of Silicon Valley Bank is still fresh in our minds, prompting a discussion around the key differences between the risk embedded in US banks vs. local (South African) banks. There are great insights here around the basic risks of fixed income instruments and the importance of asset-liability matching at financial institutions. We also looked at common metrics used in analysing banks, helping investors understand their relative valuations.

Magic Markets Ep120: Banking On Our Banks2023-04-12T20:13:02+02:00

JPMorgan Chase & Co: Bankers vs. Bears


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on JP Morgan Chase & Co and its Q2’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 20 July 2022) If you prefer adding the best of the best in each industry to your portfolio, then JPMorgan Chase & Co deserves your attention. Led by charismatic banker Jamie Dimon, this bank is the best of Wall Street. Whether or not that’s a street you want to invest in is another matter entirely, of course. Banks love volatility, economic growth and higher interest rates. They don’t like stagflation, which is [...]

JPMorgan Chase & Co: Bankers vs. Bears2022-07-20T23:44:12+02:00
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