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Magic Markets Ep184: Geopolitics, Defense Stocks and Tech Ideas


In our quest to bring you global insights into the markets, we are thrilled to welcome Dimitri Zabelin to Magic Markets. As Founder and Geopolitical Strategist at Pantheon Insights, Dimitri has worked for institutions ranging from the World Economic Forum through to IG Group. He has a portfolio of international clients who he advises on geopolitical trends affecting markets, economies and businesses. In this podcast, we touched on US jobs data and what it tells us about consumers, an investment thesis for defense stocks (like Lockheed Martin) and various tech ideas ranging from Big Tech down to the frothy stocks that are a feature of Cathie Wood's world. Take your market knowledge to the next level with Magic Markets.

Magic Markets Ep184: Geopolitics, Defense Stocks and Tech Ideas2024-07-18T03:30:17+02:00

Magic Markets Ep183: Investing in Global BRNDZ


In a discussion that started with a reflection on the market moves in the latest quarter and the extent to which Big Tech has driven the indices, Craig Antonie of AnBro Capital Investments and the usual duo of Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost also delved into the BRNDZ portfolio at AnBro and the strategy around investing in the world's most valuable brands. Touching on a number of investment concepts ranging from cycles and balance sheets through to portfolio construction and long-term strategies, this is a highly insightful discussion for any serious investor.

Magic Markets Ep183: Investing in Global BRNDZ2024-07-10T21:50:05+02:00

PREMIUM: Microsoft – The world’s computer (Q1’22)


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Microsoft and its Q1'22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 3 November 2021) Beneath the Surface - things you need to remember The world's computer Go on, we dare you. Make it through a day without using a Microsoft product. Chances are very high that you can’t do it, unless you’re a creative who spends your day on Apple hardware using Adobe Creative Cloud. Don’t go home and play Xbox after work, or you’ve fallen foul of the challenge. Also, don’t even think about looking for [...]

PREMIUM: Microsoft – The world’s computer (Q1’22)2022-06-21T19:25:21+02:00
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