Magic Markets Ep167: Hidden Growth Gems – Madrigal and Myomo


In episode 167 of Magic Markets, we delved into 2 growth stocks that are probably NOT on your radard. Justine Brophy brings us the latest thinking from AnBro Capital Investments taking us through the thesis on Madrigal (the company that has won the “MASH dash”) and Myomo, a neurological mobility company. If you enjoy learning about new companies and sectors of the market that you haven’t looked at before, then you’ll absolutely love listening to Brophy talking about these stocks with us.

Magic Markets Ep167: Hidden Growth Gems – Madrigal and Myomo2024-03-20T16:51:58+02:00

Novo Nordisk: The Wizards of Oz-empic


Novo Nordisk was arguably the NVIDIA of pharma stocks in 2023. Ozempic / Wegovy have become all the rage in the treatment of diabetes and obesity. Unlike the pandemic and its benefit for Pfizer, these diseases aren't fads that are about to disappear. Does that mean that the drugs are guaranteed to continue being a success? Or should investors be worried about competition?

Novo Nordisk: The Wizards of Oz-empic2024-01-10T22:13:02+02:00

Johnson & Johnson: So Much More Than Baby Powder


Johnson & Johnson is far more than just a baby powder company. In fact, the consumer business has been split-off into a newly listed company called Kenvue, with the intention of Johnson & Johnson being a pure-play opportunity in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. As a long-term stalwart in any portfolio, this is a compelling choice.

Johnson & Johnson: So Much More Than Baby Powder2023-07-27T08:42:57+02:00

Pfizer: Vaccines-as-a-Service?


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Pfizer and its Q4'22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 9 February 2023) Pfizer had a momentous year in 2022. Not only did the company exceed $100bn in revenue for the first time in its 174-year history, but 1.3 billion patients around the world were treated with Pfizer products. Despite these glowing financial accomplishments, Pfizer is a constant target of conspiracy theories and political battles. There’s never a dull moment in the pharmaceuticals industry. Management at Pfizer is either overly optimistic about the prospects for the [...]

Pfizer: Vaccines-as-a-Service?2023-02-09T00:12:54+02:00

Magic Markets Ep88: Growth is for stock pickers


In Episode 88 of Magic Markets, Justine Brophy of AnBro Capital Investments joined us to look back at the stocks that we talked about in Episode 80 with the AnBro team. The performance of those stocks has been strong, highlighting the importance of stock picking in a volatile and difficult market. Through this process, we get insights into AnBro’s investment process and the way that the investment team looks at these opportunities. In a world of exciting tech companies that make big promises about the future, it’s important to only invest in business models that you understand. This has been one [...]

Magic Markets Ep88: Growth is for stock pickers2022-08-10T22:04:25+02:00

Magic Markets Ep80: Hot Stocks vs. Hot Air


In growth investing, you’re often buying a piece of technology that has the potential to become a wonderfully profitable commercial operation. Sometimes, these businesses aren’t profitable yet. This creates a different risk profile for investors vs. value stocks, which investors look to for near-term cash flows. The investment styles are different and so the approach needs to be different. Together with the team at AnBro Capital Investments, we’ve been learning about growth investing with examples of specific stocks. We also try to unpack how the team separates hot stocks from hot air. In this episode, we briefly touch on the disaster [...]

Magic Markets Ep80: Hot Stocks vs. Hot Air2022-06-15T23:24:16+02:00

Magic Markets Ep75: Investing in Biotech


This week, we invited AnBro Capital back to pick their brains on biotech stocks. It’s an exciting space and Justiné Brophy, co-founder of AnBro, joins us this time around. We kick off on the woes currently facing growth stocks and move into a detailed discussion on some of the most exciting ideas and opportunities the team is finding, specifically in biotech. It’s not about sinking tons of cash into businesses that don’t make money. In this show, we unpack 3 ideas that the team is looking at that currently make money and that enjoy significant TAMs and growth potential. The team [...]

Magic Markets Ep75: Investing in Biotech2022-05-12T08:19:42+02:00
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