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Disney: Proxy Wars


Despite boasting 17 consecutive years of dividend increases, Emera has been an underperformer on the market relative to a peer like Next Era Energy, which we recently covered here on Magic Markets Premium. As we continue to operate in an environment of higher rates and a focus on yields, does Emera offer compelling value, or is this more likely to be a value trap?

Disney: Proxy Wars2024-04-10T10:46:52+02:00

Magic Markets Ep165: Domino’s Pizza and Monster Beverage


With pizza and energy drinks on the menu, this isn’t the healthiest episode of Magic Markets – at least not for your body. As for your portfolio, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into here. The Finance Ghost covered Domino’s, starting with a strategic analysis on why these types of businesses are doing so well in the modern world of ultra busy, dual-income households. A comparison of Domino’s and other global quick-service restaurants to JSE-listed peers over the past 10 years tells a shocking story of SA vs. global growth. Mohammed Nalla took on Monster Beverage Corporation, which is one of those companies that regularly hurts those who are brave enough to go short – like Moe. With ongoing product innovation, the company has managed to unlock further growth. But just how much energy can it possibly have left in the tank?

Magic Markets Ep165: Domino’s Pizza and Monster Beverage2024-03-07T10:48:48+02:00

Hilton Worldwide Holdings: Hot in the Hotel Sector


The travel recovery has been on the lips of not just investors, but also consumers who seem to be prioritising the joy of travel above most other discretionary spending opportunities. Having been shut away from family and experiences during lockdown, people are trying hard to play catch-up. That’s good news for the hospitality industry, with Hilton as probably the most famous name in the game. Should investors be checking into this one with their money?

Hilton Worldwide Holdings: Hot in the Hotel Sector2023-12-10T20:35:09+02:00

McDonald’s: Supersized


There are 40,800 McDonald’s restaurants in the world - that’s a lot of Big Macs! Every quarter, there are more golden arches in the world helping people forget their problems with a strong dose of calories. At group level, McDonald’s is a marketing and product design company, rolling out ideas and learnings to a footprint that is heavily skewed towards franchise stores. With a long-term share price performance that beats the S&P500, it’s a strategy that works... but is it worth a buy at current levels?

McDonald’s: Supersized2023-08-23T23:14:56+02:00

Tripadvisor: A One Star Review


Tripadvisor has a great brand, but does it have a great business? Or does it have a business at all, in the modern world of competitors like Google Maps? Worst of all, doesn't Tripadvisor have to pay Google just to stay relevant? It's not looking good for the famous travel and tourism company.

Tripadvisor: A One Star Review2023-05-24T23:13:08+02:00

Yum! Brands: Finger Lickin’ Growth


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Yum! Brands and its Q4'22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 16 February 2023) There’s an exclamation mark in Yum! and with good reason, as this is the world’s largest restaurant company with over 55,000 venues across various brands where you can get your calorie fix. With a footprint in 156 countries and 98% of the restaurants belonging to franchisees, this is fast food at scale. Clearly, a lot has happened in the 25 years since Yum! was spun-off by PepsiCo. At that time, Yum! was [...]

Yum! Brands: Finger Lickin’ Growth2023-02-16T00:48:06+02:00


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