Magic Markets Ep112: The Brokerage Engine Room


A multi-asset investment platform is a complicated animal to build and operate. With considerations like getting the balance of automation and human involvement just right, through to the need to meet numerous legislative and compliance requirements, the engine room of a brokerage carries a major responsibility. For anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes reality at a financial services institution, this is a great show. At Trive South Africa, that responsibility rests of the shoulders of Marius Grobler, who is as passionate about his role as he is capable. In this episode of Magic Markets, we took the opportunity to delve into the [...]

Magic Markets Ep112: The Brokerage Engine Room2023-02-15T19:23:45+02:00

Magic Markets Ep108: The Trive Tribe


Trive South Africa offers a gateway to the JSE and global markets. Providing an in-depth online trading experience, Trive exists to empower progression. You can simply and securely trade and invest in JSE and US stocks and leveraged products, or invest in tax free savings accounts. Travis Robson is the CEO of Trive South Africa and he joined us on Magic Markets to discuss: • The types of stockbroking clients and how the industry has evolved • The key differentiators of Trive and particularly how the group will combine new-age tech with the best of old-school service (telephone brokers, anyone?) to [...]

Magic Markets Ep108: The Trive Tribe2023-01-18T19:47:34+02:00

Magic Markets Ep18: Investment Journeys


Regular listeners of Magic Markets will know by now that The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla (Moe-Knows) bring different styles to their portfolios and to the show in general. In Episode 18, as Magic Markets reaches adulthood and comes of age, the hosts have a frank discussion around their different investment techniques and what does / doesn't work for them. As always, they share real-world experiences in the hope of helping listeners make better decisions with their portfolios. Magic Markets is brought to you by Elite Risk Acceptances. Visit the Elite Risk website for bespoke insurance cover for wealthy individuals. Elite [...]

Magic Markets Ep18: Investment Journeys2021-09-07T12:10:15+02:00


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