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Magic Markets Ep174: Electrifying Stocks


he electrification theme is a rare thing, as it dishes up opportunities for value and growth investors alike. Some are buying coal and others are buying renewables, yet the underlying reasons aren’t as different as you might think. People are using more electricity than ever before and growth in generative AI is just adding to the problem – or opportunity, depending on how you view the world. To unpack this theme and how they apply it to the AnBro portfolios, Craig Antonie of AnBro joined us for this discussion.

Magic Markets Ep174: Electrifying Stocks2024-05-08T23:43:10+02:00

Magic Markets Ep132: Activision Acquisition


What's going on with the Microsoft acquisition of Activision? Join us on Magic Markets as Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost unpack the details with Justine Brophy of Anbro Capital.

Magic Markets Ep132: Activision Acquisition2023-07-06T00:12:04+02:00

Magic Markets Ep125: AnBro Stock Focus – IFF and RWAY


Some interesting high dividend yield stocks are popping onto the radar. This week, we look at two companies which are interesting for different reasons, International Flavors and Fragrances ($IFF) and Runway Growth Finance ($RWAY). Listen to this episode to learn not just about $IFF and $RWAY, but about how the team at AnBro thinks about stocks on their watchlist.

Magic Markets Ep125: AnBro Stock Focus – IFF and RWAY2023-05-17T19:42:11+02:00

Magic Markets Ep115: Clean and Green US Stocks


In this episode of Magic Markets, Craig Antonie of AnBro Capital Investments joined us to discuss a few energy opportunities in the US that the AnBro funds have positions in. There are both dividend- and growth-oriented funds available at AnBro, so there is something for (almost) everyone. The energy theme is a major driver of global markets at the moment, with a clear push towards clean and green energy (not always the same thing) and inflationary pressure in fossil fuel prices as a result. With a major regulatory move in the form of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the US [...]

Magic Markets Ep115: Clean and Green US Stocks2023-03-08T23:41:38+02:00

Magic Markets Ep111: AI – Cutting Through the Hype


Guess what? The hype machine is back in the market, this time focused on the exciting new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some of the intelligence is artificial indeed, with any company that has “AI” in its name trading higher this month, regardless of what AI stands for! There’s nothing more dangerous than a market that is chasing the Next Big Thing. Momentum traders have a field day, but the good ones know when to get out of the way. For investors, scrutiny is needed. Together with Justine Brophy of AnBro Capital Investments, we took a deeper look at AI and [...]

Magic Markets Ep111: AI – Cutting Through the Hype2023-02-08T23:22:54+02:00

Magic Markets Ep107: The 2023 Outlook


If you can imagine the worst possible year for anything, then you’re starting to understand what 2022 was like for investors in growth stocks. The combination of rising interest rates and inflated valuations at the start of the year meant that investors suffered drops of 30% (and more) across many of the “growth” names in the portfolio, including the world’s leading tech companies. Investing requires a longer-term lens than this and a strong stomach, although we all know that seeing these drops isn’t fun. Together with Craig Antonie of AnBro Capital Investments, we recap why 2022 was a perfect storm and [...]

Magic Markets Ep107: The 2023 Outlook2023-01-11T18:28:41+02:00

Magic Markets Ep101: Compounding Dividends to Grow Wealth


Magic Markets listeners are familiar with the wonderful team at AnBro Capital Investments. We regularly welcome Justine Brophy and Craig Antonie to the show to talk about the growth stocks in the Unicorn portfolio. In Episode 101 of Magic Markets, there’s exciting news from the team at AnBro. Chief Investment Officer, Craig Antonie joined us to talk about the Dynamic Compound portfolio, a new investment product that brings more of a value flavour to AnBro’s toolkit. With a focus on compounders (companies that have disciplined capital allocation track records) that have proven to be resilient dividend payers, the Dynamic Compound portfolio [...]

Magic Markets Ep101: Compounding Dividends to Grow Wealth2022-11-09T21:23:32+02:00


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