Amazon: In Their Prime


Amazon’s management talks about it being early days in all of their businesses. That’s quite a statement for one of the world’s most valuable and exciting companies to make. Is this just a classic case of a growth stock trying to support its valuation multiple, or does Amazon still have enough runway? With performance well ahead of the Nasdaq-100 this year, Amazon has caught up some of the lost ground. Can it keep going?

Amazon: In Their Prime2024-05-08T23:15:44+02:00

Magic Markets Ep168: Lululemon and FedEx


FedEx and Lululemon have both been covered and recapped on Magic Markets Premium before. We love circling back and revisiting companies that we’ve researched before, as the feedback loop is so important when testing how an investment thesis played out. Join us in this week's free show for an update on the latest company news and our updated views.

Magic Markets Ep168: Lululemon and FedEx2024-03-28T00:36:15+02:00

Under Armour: Underperformer


Under Armour is a bit like ordering Nike on Wish. As the joke goes, you aren’t quite getting what you thought you paid for. The business operates in the apparel market, yet it has struggled to gain proper traction with consumers. The leadership of the group is now in disarray, after the sudden departure of the CEO and the return of the founder to that role. Is Under Armour truly broken, or is this an interesting speculative play?

Under Armour: Underperformer2024-03-20T20:33:26+02:00

Magic Markets Ep163: Airbnb and Shopify


Platform businesses are fascinating things that can make a great deal of money at scale. This week in Magic Markets Premium, we covered Uber and its emergence as a financial butterfly in literally the last year. To keep the platform theme going, we decided to cover Airbnb and Shopify in this week’s free Magic Markets show, made possible by B2IT.

Magic Markets Ep163: Airbnb and Shopify2024-02-21T17:07:47+02:00

EssilorLuxottica: Ray-Bans and Plans


Ray-Bans are the eyewear of choice on the highway to the danger zone. High valuations are always a danger zone, as investors in some of the most famous brands in the world have found out the hard way. EssilorLuxottica certainly isn’t light on brands, but it’s a complicated task to figure out whether the valuation reflects the consumer part of the business or the professional lenses side, which is more of a medical devices operation.

EssilorLuxottica: Ray-Bans and Plans2024-01-25T00:05:05+02:00

Abercrombie & Fitch: From Abs to Riches


Abercrombie & Fitch is proof that a retail leopard can change its spots – and its entire brand for that matter! There was a time in the world when this business was famous for having shirtless men helping in the stores. That business model aged about as well as the washboard abs themselves: i.e. not very well at all. Today, the brand has much broader appeal and the results are clear for all to see, with the share price up more than 250% in the past year! Is there any value left in it, or can we only learn lessons here about how well a retailer can be turned around?

Abercrombie & Fitch: From Abs to Riches2024-01-17T21:46:43+02:00

Recap: MercadoLibre


We first covered MercadoLibre in March 2023. We talked about Alibaba meeting Amazon in Latin America. Mostly, we were just highly impressed with the cohesive ecosystem that the company has built. We were also big fans of the commitment to profitability, something that many tech companies could learn something from. With Argentina in the headlines and renewed focus on the broader LatAm region, how has the business performed this year?

Recap: MercadoLibre2023-11-29T22:06:56+02:00

Magic Markets Ep149: Amazon and Alphabet


Welcome to episode 149 of Magic Markets. It’s the middle of US earnings season, and two international tech giants have released results last week. This is a tale of two stocks, with one garnering a very positive reaction from the market and the other… well, not so much. Join us as we discuss Amazon and Alphabet (the holding company of Google).

Magic Markets Ep149: Amazon and Alphabet2023-11-01T21:28:20+02:00

Dollar General: Meme Stock Thesis


Dollar General was a darling of the market for the past decade. In a classic example of how quickly a retailer can be humbled by the market and competitive forces, the share price has collapsed this year and there are good reasons why. Far from being a bargain, we think the pain is only just starting. With a strategy that seems certain to cause a structural drop in margins, Dollar General is in trouble.

Dollar General: Meme Stock Thesis2023-09-27T22:48:33+02:00

Kroger: The “Simple Truth” of Large Grocers


Kroger is the OG - Original Grocer! With a history of organic growth and M&A to supplement the story, Kroger has now embarked on the biggest acquisition in its history: the proposed merger with Albertsons. It introduces a lot of risk into the mix, but can it propel the share price CAGR above the index and make this a worthwhile stock to hold?

Kroger: The “Simple Truth” of Large Grocers2023-09-13T22:01:05+02:00


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