Magic Markets Ep93: Macro Markets Mayhem


The US CPI print was slightly different to market expectations, though you would never say so based on the mayhem that ensued. The sell-off was brutal, hitting tech stocks the hardest. Risky assets (like the rand) also took a knock. In this episode, we discuss macroeconomic concepts not just around inflation in the US, but also around China and Europe. For bonus points, we also touch on South African companies that have exposure to Europe. Magic Markets is your invitation to be part of the dealing room conversations that are usually closed off from public ears. Join us and learn! [...]

Magic Markets Ep93: Macro Markets Mayhem2022-09-14T22:32:43+02:00

Magic Markets Ep23: European Gems


European investor and student of the markets Tobias (@TobyTheInvestor) joins Mohammed Nalla (@MohammedNalla) and I from Copenhagen to discuss European markets and the appeal of Nordic markets that are often ignored when people think about global opportunities. Europe can offer attractive risk/return trade-offs, if investors know where to look. Toby gives great practical insights into navigating the region, including an understanding of the numerous Volkswagen listings! This episode is brought to you by Future Forex, assisting traders in making money from crypto even if they don't like crypto as an asset class. To find out more about Bitcoin arbitrage opportunities, visit and [...]

Magic Markets Ep23: European Gems2021-09-07T12:10:00+02:00


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