Magic Markets Ep117: Macro Themes with Rachel Ziemba


With a background at Roubini Global Economics and extensive experience across developed, emerging and even frontier markets, Rachel Ziemba brings a wealth of macroeconomic and geopolitical experience to Magic Markets. Having worked several times in the past with our very own Mohammed Nalla, Rachel agreed to join us for a discussion on general global trends and the perception of South Africa on the international stage. We covered topics including: Thoughts on where we are in the cycle, including global optimism around China and commodities despite some dissenting voices who think we could be heading back to a 2008/2009 scenario. The additional [...]

Magic Markets Ep117: Macro Themes with Rachel Ziemba2023-03-22T23:43:38+02:00

CrowdStrike: Hunting the Hackers


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on CrowdStrike and its Q4'23 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 16 March 2023) Stop breaches. Drive business. That’s the tagline when you Google CrowdStrike, making it quite clear that the falcon in the logo is looking for cyberattacks and doing so with enthusiasm. Every year, CrowdStrike releases a Global Threat Report with all kinds of illustrated “adversaries” and villains, effectively gamifying the world of cybersecurity. Like any security company, CrowdStrike sells fear. They sell protection from those adversaries. With the company losing a third of its [...]

CrowdStrike: Hunting the Hackers2023-03-16T00:22:48+02:00

Magic Markets Ep106: The Global View with Marko Papic


If you’ve looked at your portfolio even once this year, you’ll know that 2022 has proven how vital a solid geopolitical analytical framework can be in generating returns. As the author of the book Geopolitical Alpha, Marko Papic is a global geopolitical expert and partner at Clocktower Group, who advises some of the largest pension funds and investors globally. As a friend of Moe's, we were able to twist his arm to share some of his views on global geopolitics and the risks and opportunities they currently present for investors. Having travelled to South Africa many times, Marko also has a [...]

Magic Markets Ep106: The Global View with Marko Papic2022-12-15T00:17:30+02:00
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