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Magic Markets Ep134: Rate Hikes, Banks and Consumers


Interest rates have been hiked aggressively globally and its starting to show up in bank's provisions. This week, Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost discuss the current hiking cycle, the impact on banks and consumers and which JSE sectors are giving good guidance at the moment.

Magic Markets Ep134: Rate Hikes, Banks and Consumers2023-07-19T18:23:00+02:00

Magic Markets Ep85: US Earnings Season – July ’22


It’s just the two of us on Episode 85, which gave us a great opportunity to talk about all kinds of things, really. We started off with macroeconomics because there’s just so much going on in that space. Inflation, interest rates and even copper are top of mind for traders and investors alike. This led us into a discussion about banking regulation and how capital is being sucked out of the system by putting higher equity capital requirements on banks like JPMorgan Chase & Co. We talked about capital buffers and the impact they have on risk and returns. We also [...]

Magic Markets Ep85: US Earnings Season – July ’222022-07-20T23:24:33+02:00

Magic Markets Ep61: The Fed flip-flop


Stock-picking is a fun game that we all like to play. Here’s the thing: if you don’t keep an eye on the macro environment, then you don’t know which stream your stock fish are swimming in and how strong the current is. No matter where in the world you invest, your performance will be impacted by the decisions made by the Fed in the US. Make no mistake, the Fed is always topical. In 2022, the Fed is more than just topical; it is dominating the narrative. The yield curve has a material impact on equity performance, especially in the tech [...]

Magic Markets Ep61: The Fed flip-flop2022-02-03T01:04:57+02:00

Magic Markets Ep31: Yield Masterclass


Whether you trade bonds or not, the yield curve has an important impact on all the assets in your portfolio. Valuations of shares are significantly impacted by changes in interest rates, driving up- and down-cycles that you don't want to get on the wrong side of, regardless of your stock picking abilities. In Episode 31 of Magic Markets, the hosts kick it up a gear on the technical side, discussing more advanced topics on the yield curve for those who are ready to learn more. The combination of Mohammed Nalla's macro and fixed income insights and The Finance Ghost's experience with [...]

Magic Markets Ep31: Yield Masterclass2021-09-07T12:09:59+02:00


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