Magic Markets Ep177: Nvidia and Intuit


Nvidia has been a headline grabber of note in global markets, with eyewatering returns that have left even the other semiconductor stocks for dead. Mohammed Nalla focused on not just the latest results from Nvidia, but the performance of other stocks in the sector. The Finance Ghost tackled Intuit, covering the growth in revenue across the product range and the importance of integration strategies within the ecosystem. Although this is a powerful SaaS business, the risk of a double top in the share price chart cannot be ignored.

Magic Markets Ep177: Nvidia and Intuit2024-05-29T20:43:06+02:00

Magic Markets Ep176: Walmart and Under Armour


Walmart is a good example of a pullback from the work-from-home trend that became a feature of the pandemic, with many viewing this as a return to the company’s roots. This is seen favourable against a backdrop of improved performance at Walmart. Under Armour is also going back to its roots, more out of necessity than by design. Founder Kevin Plank is back in the CEO role and has a very tough road ahead, with the company experiencing a sharp drop in sales and needing to reposition its products as premium.

Magic Markets Ep176: Walmart and Under Armour2024-05-23T17:53:24+02:00

Magic Markets Ep175: Chipotle Mexican Grill and Wingstop


When quick-service restaurant groups get things right, they really get it right. Fast-growing companies in this sector can achieve rapid expansion because of the franchise model and the oldest trick in the book: using other people's money.

Magic Markets Ep175: Chipotle Mexican Grill and Wingstop2024-05-22T14:46:03+02:00

Magic Markets Ep129: Relief Rallies and Market Emotions


With a local relief rally putting many stocks in the green after a horrible few months, we unpack some of the differences between the North American and local markets. We touch on behavioural finance and how sentiment drives market performance over different time horizons. This is a perfect example of the conversations that happen in dealing rooms and professional institutions. At Magic Markets, we give you a ticket to the dealing room to engage with us and learn from our views on the markets.

Magic Markets Ep129: Relief Rallies and Market Emotions2023-06-14T03:15:48+02:00

Magic Markets Ep114: Private Debt and Property in a Rising Rate Environment


Regular listeners of Magic Markets have learnt a great deal about alternative investments and private deals, thanks to the various professionals at Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management who have joined us on the show. Richard Asherson and James Lightbody join us this week to update us on the UK market and the conditions under which the Westbrooke Yield Plus fund operates. The focus of the fund is capital preservation, and with it now turning 5 years old and having consistently delivered in the target return band of cash plus 5% to 7% in GBP, we wanted to go deeper into the success [...]

Magic Markets Ep114: Private Debt and Property in a Rising Rate Environment2023-03-02T00:09:15+02:00

Magic Markets Ep107: The 2023 Outlook


If you can imagine the worst possible year for anything, then you’re starting to understand what 2022 was like for investors in growth stocks. The combination of rising interest rates and inflated valuations at the start of the year meant that investors suffered drops of 30% (and more) across many of the “growth” names in the portfolio, including the world’s leading tech companies. Investing requires a longer-term lens than this and a strong stomach, although we all know that seeing these drops isn’t fun. Together with Craig Antonie of AnBro Capital Investments, we recap why 2022 was a perfect storm and [...]

Magic Markets Ep107: The 2023 Outlook2023-01-11T18:28:41+02:00

Magic Markets Ep103: Alternatives – The Wealth Management View


Ever wanted to know what wealth managers think about alternative investments and how they are using them in clients' portfolios? Regular Magic Markets listeners have become familiar with the Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management team and the types of investments that they specialise in. This week, we look beyond the team to find out what independent wealth managers think about alternative assets. Based on the results of a survey of wealth managers that was arranged by Dino Zuccollo of Westbrooke, we were able to discuss points like: • What types of alternative assets are popular? • What is the priority for investors – [...]

Magic Markets Ep103: Alternatives – The Wealth Management View2022-11-23T19:41:43+02:00

Magic Markets Ep102: Themes in Big Tech


As the dust settles on the Big Tech earnings season, we look back on what we’ve learnt from covering the leading tech companies in Magic Markets Premium in the past year, including recent shows on Meta, Amazon and Apple. The fight for eyeballs is dominating this industry. The “attention economy” is lucrative and technology platforms have found various ways to monetise it, ranging from advertising to subscription business models. If you are interested in uncommon insights, then this show is for you. Instead of focusing on the obvious elements of Big Tech earnings, we highlight some of the trends and themes [...]

Magic Markets Ep102: Themes in Big Tech2022-11-16T21:54:43+02:00

Magic Markets Ep101: Compounding Dividends to Grow Wealth


Magic Markets listeners are familiar with the wonderful team at AnBro Capital Investments. We regularly welcome Justine Brophy and Craig Antonie to the show to talk about the growth stocks in the Unicorn portfolio. In Episode 101 of Magic Markets, there’s exciting news from the team at AnBro. Chief Investment Officer, Craig Antonie joined us to talk about the Dynamic Compound portfolio, a new investment product that brings more of a value flavour to AnBro’s toolkit. With a focus on compounders (companies that have disciplined capital allocation track records) that have proven to be resilient dividend payers, the Dynamic Compound portfolio [...]

Magic Markets Ep101: Compounding Dividends to Grow Wealth2022-11-09T21:23:32+02:00


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