Magic Markets Ep116: Aston Martin on Track?


If there’s one thing we are learning in Formula One this year, it’s that Fernando Alonso has more resilience and staying power than many international companies! Now driving for Aston Martin, a strong result in the opening race of the year certainly gave the brand a boost. It also led to many momentum and sentiment traders pulling the stock up on their screens on Monday morning, using it as an effective alternative to a bit of sports betting! “Betting” may well be the word here, as Aston Martin’s financial history is more checkered than the flag at the end of the [...]

Magic Markets Ep116: Aston Martin on Track?2023-03-15T23:07:40+02:00

Magic Markets Ep113: Portfolio Winners and Losers


In Magic Markets, we try to eat our own cooking. When we cover stocks in Premium, it’s either because we already have a position in them or because we are interested in taking a position and want to do further research. In this episode of Magic Markets, we took advantage of a “just the two of us” situation to talk about some of the positions in our portfolios. Moe opted to talk about Visa, Disney and Simon Property Group, as well as Fedex as an example of a trade that got away. The Finance Ghost spoke about Hasbro as a mistake, [...]

Magic Markets Ep113: Portfolio Winners and Losers2023-02-22T19:45:49+02:00

Magic Markets Ep106: The Global View with Marko Papic


If you’ve looked at your portfolio even once this year, you’ll know that 2022 has proven how vital a solid geopolitical analytical framework can be in generating returns. As the author of the book Geopolitical Alpha, Marko Papic is a global geopolitical expert and partner at Clocktower Group, who advises some of the largest pension funds and investors globally. As a friend of Moe's, we were able to twist his arm to share some of his views on global geopolitics and the risks and opportunities they currently present for investors. Having travelled to South Africa many times, Marko also has a [...]

Magic Markets Ep106: The Global View with Marko Papic2022-12-15T00:17:30+02:00

Magic Markets Ep104: What’s going on inside Premium?


In this episode of Magic Markets, we took the opportunity to run through key elements of our research process in Magic Markets Premium. In doing so, we shared insights into important areas of focus for investors. Topics covered include: • Why do we present a bull case and a bear case on every company? • What do we learn by looking at insider selling? • In terms of financial analysis, what approach do we take to the numbers? • Many recognise that technical analysis is important, but few understand it – what are some of the key concepts that we use? [...]

Magic Markets Ep104: What’s going on inside Premium?2022-11-30T20:17:27+02:00

Magic Markets Ep97: Market Mistakes we all Make


In this episode of Magic Markets, we decided to look at some of the common mistakes made by investors and traders in the market. We covered topics like: • Not knowing whether you are a natural trader, investor or hybrid of the two • The risks of not diversifying into different asset classes • The trouble with panicking during tough times • Checking your portfolio too often • Assuming that certain industries are always a good investment • Focusing too much on dividends without looking at how they are funded • Not critically assessing the strategy of the entity and only [...]

Magic Markets Ep97: Market Mistakes we all Make2022-10-12T21:53:10+02:00

Magic Markets Ep89: Unwrapping our Research Process


In Magic Markets Premium, we’ve developed a research process that we apply every week in analysing global stocks. In this episode, we give you insights into that process. We talk about the importance of forming a bull case and a bear case, as it forces you to challenge your view and question what might go wrong (or better than expected). We also discuss why we look at both the tenure and trading history of the management team. The competitive environment is important of course, as is an analysis of recent financial results. We finish off with a discussion on the importance [...]

Magic Markets Ep89: Unwrapping our Research Process2022-08-17T22:02:47+02:00

JPMorgan Chase & Co: Bankers vs. Bears


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on JP Morgan Chase & Co and its Q2’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 20 July 2022) If you prefer adding the best of the best in each industry to your portfolio, then JPMorgan Chase & Co deserves your attention. Led by charismatic banker Jamie Dimon, this bank is the best of Wall Street. Whether or not that’s a street you want to invest in is another matter entirely, of course. Banks love volatility, economic growth and higher interest rates. They don’t like stagflation, which is [...]

JPMorgan Chase & Co: Bankers vs. Bears2022-07-20T23:44:12+02:00

Magic Markets Ep79: Three Burning Questions


The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla decided to ask each other three burning questions on this show. To give you a taste of what we discussed: How do you reconcile bottom-up analysis with what the market is telling you? How has Magic Markets Premium impacted your appetite for global vs. local stocks? What have been your biggest learnings about running a business with someone on the other side of the world? Based on what we’ve seen gold do recently, does it impact your long thesis? What about holding the commodity vs. holding the miners? In Magic Markets Premium, what part of [...]

Magic Markets Ep79: Three Burning Questions2022-06-09T07:12:49+02:00

Magic Markets Ep77: Surviving bear markets


Bear markets aren’t easy. Those following long-term strategies watch their portfolio values take a dive. Traders can do really well in a time of heightened volatility, but the risks are higher too. With Petri Redelinghuys of Herenya Capital Advisors, we explore some of the techniques required to survive a bear market. We also talked about some major recent investment themes in the market, ranging from uranium through to broader resources exposure. We also touched on the financials index and how this sector has quietly outperformed the resources index on the JSE in 2022. As always, the focus at Herenya is on [...]

Magic Markets Ep77: Surviving bear markets2022-05-25T22:07:14+02:00

Magic Markets Ep68: Burgers and fairy tales


Burgers and fairy tales. These are the things that people like to invest in. No, really. In this episode of Magic Markets, we take a step back and discuss two investment themes that we find interesting. The first is the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, which commands premium valuations in markets across the world. There are global giants and regional powerhouses, with examples on the JSE as well as in international markets. We discuss the different types of models followed, along with concepts like franchise vs. corporate-owned models and the benefits of each strategy. We then move on to the art of [...]

Magic Markets Ep68: Burgers and fairy tales2022-03-27T14:03:30+02:00
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