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Magic Markets Ep150: Revisiting Dexcom


Welcome to another exciting episode of our podcast featuring Justine Brophy from AnBro, a voice familiar to listeners. This week, we're revisiting Dexcom as a stock that AnBro holds in its Unicorn portfolio. It’s great to be able to track the journey of a specific stock through a volatile market, with Justine regularly coming onto the show to use it as a good example of how the team at AnBro reacts to market dynamics. This show discusses what the recent market turbulence and why does AnBro remain invested in the stock, despite a headache-inducing rollercoaster ride from $112 to $74 and back to $96 per share?

Magic Markets Ep150: Revisiting Dexcom2023-11-08T19:14:45+02:00

Magic Markets Ep142: Investing in the World’s Biggest Brands – BRNDZ


Welcome to episode 142 of Magic Markets. This week we dive into a portfolio that provides exposure to the world's top 100 brands by brand value, ranging from household names like Apple and Google to global giants like China Mobile and UPS. Justine Brophy from AnBro is here to talk about a groundbreaking investment opportunity. When we say this info is hot off the presses, we mean it – the product is only set to launch on September 20th! We’ll tell you how it works and where you can find more information about it. Don't miss this chance to explore the world's biggest brands with Magic Markets! Have we piqued your interest? Are you hungry for more? If so, you can opt in for more insights when you sign up for Magic Markets Premium for just R99/month.

Magic Markets Ep142: Investing in the World’s Biggest Brands – BRNDZ2023-09-13T19:02:31+02:00

Magic Markets Ep132: Activision Acquisition


What's going on with the Microsoft acquisition of Activision? Join us on Magic Markets as Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost unpack the details with Justine Brophy of Anbro Capital.

Magic Markets Ep132: Activision Acquisition2023-07-06T00:12:04+02:00

Magic Markets Ep119: AnBro Stock Focus – DEX and STAA


When most investors think of growth-style funds, they imagine software-as-a-service businesses and artificial intelligence. Sometimes, growth can be found in industries that are as old as time itself, like the medical field. Listen to this episode to learn not just about $DXCM and $STAA, but about how the team at AnBro thinks about investing.

Magic Markets Ep119: AnBro Stock Focus – DEX and STAA2023-04-05T16:29:16+02:00

Magic Markets Ep111: AI – Cutting Through the Hype


Guess what? The hype machine is back in the market, this time focused on the exciting new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some of the intelligence is artificial indeed, with any company that has “AI” in its name trading higher this month, regardless of what AI stands for! There’s nothing more dangerous than a market that is chasing the Next Big Thing. Momentum traders have a field day, but the good ones know when to get out of the way. For investors, scrutiny is needed. Together with Justine Brophy of AnBro Capital Investments, we took a deeper look at AI and [...]

Magic Markets Ep111: AI – Cutting Through the Hype2023-02-08T23:22:54+02:00

Magic Markets Ep96: Looking to the Future


One of the greatest challenges in the market is to maintain a cool head and a consistent strategy even when it feels like everything is against you. Clearly, this has been a terrible year for technology stocks. By focusing on the fundamental growth drivers rather than the share price movements, investors can identify the winners of the next decade. In this episode of Magic Markets, Justine Brophy of AnBro Capital Investments joins us to talk about why he feels good about the future. With specific examples of stocks that they are looking at, there’s always so much to learn from the [...]

Magic Markets Ep96: Looking to the Future2022-10-05T23:29:29+02:00

Magic Markets Ep88: Growth is for stock pickers


In Episode 88 of Magic Markets, Justine Brophy of AnBro Capital Investments joined us to look back at the stocks that we talked about in Episode 80 with the AnBro team. The performance of those stocks has been strong, highlighting the importance of stock picking in a volatile and difficult market. Through this process, we get insights into AnBro’s investment process and the way that the investment team looks at these opportunities. In a world of exciting tech companies that make big promises about the future, it’s important to only invest in business models that you understand. This has been one [...]

Magic Markets Ep88: Growth is for stock pickers2022-08-10T22:04:25+02:00

Magic Markets Ep84: A First Half to Forget


In the past six months, the markets weren’t a happy place. Whether you were in bonds or in stocks, you suffered. The bull and bear markets of 2020 - 2022 have been severe, driven by unprecedented levels of stimulus and macroeconomic volatility. In difficult times, it’s important to lift your head and (try to) shut out the noise. The team from AnBro Capital Investments has done exactly that. They have released research around the impact on different sectors of this bear market vs. the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) that marked the end of a multi-year bull market in 2007. Growth stocks [...]

Magic Markets Ep84: A First Half to Forget2022-07-13T17:47:35+02:00

Magic Markets Ep80: Hot Stocks vs. Hot Air


In growth investing, you’re often buying a piece of technology that has the potential to become a wonderfully profitable commercial operation. Sometimes, these businesses aren’t profitable yet. This creates a different risk profile for investors vs. value stocks, which investors look to for near-term cash flows. The investment styles are different and so the approach needs to be different. Together with the team at AnBro Capital Investments, we’ve been learning about growth investing with examples of specific stocks. We also try to unpack how the team separates hot stocks from hot air. In this episode, we briefly touch on the disaster [...]

Magic Markets Ep80: Hot Stocks vs. Hot Air2022-06-15T23:24:16+02:00

Magic Markets Ep75: Investing in Biotech


This week, we invited AnBro Capital back to pick their brains on biotech stocks. It’s an exciting space and Justiné Brophy, co-founder of AnBro, joins us this time around. We kick off on the woes currently facing growth stocks and move into a detailed discussion on some of the most exciting ideas and opportunities the team is finding, specifically in biotech. It’s not about sinking tons of cash into businesses that don’t make money. In this show, we unpack 3 ideas that the team is looking at that currently make money and that enjoy significant TAMs and growth potential. The team [...]

Magic Markets Ep75: Investing in Biotech2022-05-12T08:19:42+02:00
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