Magic Markets Ep168: Lululemon and FedEx


FedEx and Lululemon have both been covered and recapped on Magic Markets Premium before. We love circling back and revisiting companies that we’ve researched before, as the feedback loop is so important when testing how an investment thesis played out. Join us in this week's free show for an update on the latest company news and our updated views.

Magic Markets Ep168: Lululemon and FedEx2024-03-28T00:36:15+02:00

Magic Markets Ep155: Lululemon and SA Fashion Retail


Welcome to episode 155 of Magic Markets. This week, we’re talking about fashion retail. Moe is representing the global north with his choice of athleisure brand Lululemon, while Ghost is keeping things more general with a selection of South African fashion retail brands including The Foschini Group and Mr Price.

Magic Markets Ep155: Lululemon and SA Fashion Retail2023-12-10T20:23:44+02:00

Magic Markets Ep141: Lululemon and Ulta Beauty


Welcome to episode 141 of Magic Markets. In this episode, we dug through the latest earnings transcripts of two intriguing global companies: Lululemon and Ulta Beauty. Lululemon, the pioneer of athleisure, is known for its premium yoga pants and impressive growth. Ulta Beauty, often compared to South Africa's Clicks, offers a range of health and beauty products. It all looks good on paper – but will these companies keep riding the wave, or end up splashing in the shallows? Join us on the podcast! Have we piqued your interest? Are you hungry for more? If so, you can opt in for more insights when you sign up for Magic Markets Premium for just R99/month.

Magic Markets Ep141: Lululemon and Ulta Beauty2023-09-06T20:59:53+02:00

Recap: Levi’s and Lululemon


Use the podcast player below to listen to our recap on Levi's and Lululemon's recent results, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 22 December 2022) They both start with the letter L. They are both retailers. They both sell directly to consumers. There are other similarities too, as we will discover. In this recap show, we update our research on Lululemon and Levi’s, two iconic clothing brands that trade at vastly different valuation multiples. Facing a critical Christmas period with full shelves and consumers under pressure, it’s all to play for. We covered Lululemon back in April (read [...]

Recap: Levi’s and Lululemon2022-12-21T23:52:25+02:00

Magic Markets Ep78: A sneak peak at Premium


With 31 Premium shows behind us, we’ve learnt so much from our detailed research on global stocks. For example, we now know that Lululemon has an incredibly strong brand and direct-to-consumer strategy, with the next results due on 2nd June. We’ve also covered brands like Nike and Starbucks, which have had a tough time recently. In the search for defensive stocks, we’ve previously highlighted Pepsico and Visa as solid companies. Both have comfortably beaten the market this year, down between 3% and 4% in 2022. Simon Property Group is the kind of business that many would choose as a defensive stock, [...]

Magic Markets Ep78: A sneak peak at Premium2022-06-01T23:47:25+02:00

Lululemon: sweating its assets


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Lululemon and its Q4’21 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 6 April 2022) Not many companies are credited with inventing a new product category. Lululemon is one of them, taking yoga pants from the studio to the coffee shop. Athleisure is now a highly competitive category in clothing, yet Lululemon continues growing at a revenue rate that would embarrass many software companies. With a community-based marketing strategy and a journey from $40 million revenue in 2004 to $6.3 billion in 2021, when life throws your portfolio [...]

Lululemon: sweating its assets2022-06-21T19:22:18+02:00


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