Recap: Ferrari


Sainz may be out of a job despite winning over the weekend for Ferrari, but shareholders in the group seem to have no such stress. The Ferrari share price has gone from strength to strength, with the market treating it as the best luxury stock on the planet. Just what is it that makes Ferrari so lucrative as a company? Join us as we recap this exciting stock that we first covered in September 2022.

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Magic Markets Ep157: Pandora and Swatch


To kick off 2024, we take a look at two businesses that sit adjacent to each other in the speciality retail space. Pandora sells jewellery and Swatch sells watches at various price points. Swatch is more than just the colourful and playful watches that you know and possibly love. The group is a hybrid of affluent and luxury brands, like Omega. Of course, this creates a real risk of brand dilution in the luxury space as Swatch attempts to improve the competitiveness of its core affluent offering. At Pandora, there is no such confusion. The strategy is tight and the core product range of bracelets and accessories is still growing. So are the other lines like necklaces and earrings, contributing to a fantastic share price performance this year that looks completely different to what Swatch went through. Join us as we unpack some of the key events and metrics behind these stocks and our views on the outlook.

Magic Markets Ep157: Pandora and Swatch2024-01-10T16:47:45+02:00

Swatch: Time Moves Slowly


Swatch has been on a charge this year, finally offering decent performance to long-suffering investors who have witnessed crushing underperformance vs. luxury stocks. Perhaps that comparison is the first problem, as there is far more to Swatch than just luxury brands.

Swatch: Time Moves Slowly2023-07-19T22:29:21+02:00

Aston Martin: Burning Cash Faster than Fuel


The only thing that is green about Aston Martin is the colour on the Formula One cars that are giving the brand a major boost at the moment. Share price action this year has been highly speculative, with tough financial results and a balance sheet that looks set to need more equity capital.

Aston Martin: Burning Cash Faster than Fuel2023-05-31T22:16:53+02:00

Magic Markets Ep121: Buybacks, Banks and Big Spenders


In Episode 121 of Magic Markets, we reflect on some of the recent insights uncovered in our research for Magic Markets Premium. These include how the poor use of share buybacks by US companies, the divergence in performance between national and regional banks in the US, why we look for optionality in a business model, how to view cylical companies in a portfolio and the recent popularity of the luxury sector, why investors are buying these companies and the risk of chasing the hype.

Magic Markets Ep121: Buybacks, Banks and Big Spenders2023-04-19T18:29:36+02:00

Ferrari: Passion, Science and Purosangue


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Ferrari and its Q2’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 22 September 2022) Passion meets science. Racing meets business. A disastrous racing strategy meets the best road cars in the world. It can only be Ferrari, an enigma at times and an iconic brand that has transcended motoring to become a luxury brand in its own right. Ferrari’s mantra is to deliver one car less than the market demands, choosing to drive scarcity rather than overall revenue. Is this commitment to the brand’s ethos its greatest [...]

Ferrari: Passion, Science and Purosangue2022-09-21T23:01:28+02:00

Farfetch: or Farfetched?


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Farfetch and its Q2’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 1 September 2022) For many, the closest they can get to the luxury goods industry is by being a shareholder rather than a consumer. We are talking about timepieces and handbags that cost more than a family hatchback! This $300 billion industry is known for high margins and a resilient client base that is almost immune to market cycles. As digital generations have grown up to become consumers of this industry, shopping habits are starting to [...]

Farfetch: or Farfetched?2022-08-31T23:39:24+02:00
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