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Magic Markets Ep57: Our 2021 Winners and Losers


The final show of the year is always an opportunity to reflect on what did and didn't work in our portfolios. At Magic Markets, we value transparency and we focus on creating a shared learning environment, which means we highlight our mistakes instead of hiding them. Of course, there were also some great outcomes this year, including some stocks that looked dicey at times. In Episode 57 of Magic Markets, we invite you to learn with us as we discuss some of our best and worst positions during the year. This is our last show for the year and we look [...]

Magic Markets Ep57: Our 2021 Winners and Losers2021-12-23T11:36:15+02:00

Magic Markets Ep40: The ETF Expert


The leading ETF expert in South Africa is Nerina Visser. Magic Markets hosts The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla (Moe-Knows) had the pleasure of hosting her on Magic Markets in Episode 4 and they were excited to welcome her back for Episode 40! In this show, some of the more technical elements of ETFs and ETNs are discussed. For example, there are important differences between the two structures when it comes to underlying risk. Nerina also addresses the misconception that ETFs are purely a "passive" investment decision. With plenty of laughs along the way, Nerina also reveals what the hosts suspected to be true: (almost) [...]

Magic Markets Ep40: The ETF Expert2021-10-21T23:10:59+02:00

Magic Markets Ep38: Corsair, Callaway, McKesson and Moderna


In Episode 38 of Magic Markets, hosts The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla (Moe-Knows) each chose two interesting US-listed stocks for discussion. These aren't stock picks in the traditional sense, but are rather companies that provide great learning opportunities about the market. The Finance Ghost chose gaming hardware company Corsair ($CRSR) and golf business Callaway ($ELY). Moe chose medical distribution giant McKesson ($MCK) and pharmaceuticals business Moderna ($MRNA), which has become a household name thanks to the Covid vaccines. The show offers institutional-level thinking in an easily digestible format. Magic Markets is your invitation to be part of our conversations about [...]

Magic Markets Ep38: Corsair, Callaway, McKesson and Moderna2021-10-03T13:39:11+02:00

Magic Markets Ep35: Sell-offs and Sell-outs


There were some big moves in the market this week, including an interesting situation where both equities and yields dropped in the US, which wasn't nearly the "sell-off" that many referred to. Still, that's an unusual combination and is one of the talking points in Episode 35 of Magic Markets. Hosts The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla (Moe-Knows) also discuss technical levels and sentiment around Bitcoin, as well as thoughts around knowing when to sell winners. But first, the focus is on the new Satrix Inclusion and Diversity ETF, which supposedly looks at ESG metrics but still manages to include the likes of Sasol and [...]

Magic Markets Ep35: Sell-offs and Sell-outs2021-09-07T12:09:59+02:00

Magic Markets Ep34: Riots and Rands


Our home country is burning. South Africa is in economic turmoil and lives are being lost in riots and looting. This isn't sensationalist. This is what is happening on the ground, right now. In an incredibly sad week for our beautiful country, we have a heartfelt conversation about the situation and what it means for investors. It's an unpleasant reminder of the importance of creating optionality for yourself and your family. We hope to offer some perspective in dark times. We would also like to thank you for making time to listen to us in a week where you are being bombarded [...]

Magic Markets Ep34: Riots and Rands2021-09-07T12:09:59+02:00

Magic Markets Ep33: Do Your DiDi


The markets have been all over the place in the past week, with a rollercoaster ride for investors in Chinese tech stocks in particular. Ride-hailing business DiDi has been the catalyst for the latest concerns. In Episode 33 of Magic Markets, The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla chat through some of the companies in their portfolios and the approach they take when sections of the portfolio are under pressure. There's also a reminder that risks aren't always in line with the popular narrative. Although Chinese stocks are being discounted currently, the pending IPO of Robinhood is a perfect example of a [...]

Magic Markets Ep33: Do Your DiDi2021-09-07T12:09:59+02:00

Magic Markets Ep26: The Cure for High Prices


Inflation: the word on everyone's lips. What is causing spikes in inflation in countries like the US? Is it transitory? What does that even mean? Inflation can have a significant impact on an investment portfolio. In Episode 26 of Magic Markets, Mohammed Nalla ( and I explain how inflation affects valuations and some of the techniques available to help mitigate the impact. http://  

Magic Markets Ep26: The Cure for High Prices2021-09-07T12:10:00+02:00

Magic Markets Ep25: Wood from the Trees


With US markets facing incredible volatility under the realities of inflation and poor jobs data, much of the risk money has moved from equities into cryptos. This has left many tech investors scratching their heads, down 20% or even 30% on stocks with exciting prospects. In episode 25 of Magic Markets, hosts The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla ( discuss the importance of valuations and taking a sensible approach in frothy markets. They discuss Cathie Wood and ARK Invest, including the risks of illiquid stocks and what investors need to consider before investing in such companies. http://  

Magic Markets Ep25: Wood from the Trees2021-09-07T12:10:00+02:00

Magic Markets Ep23: European Gems


European investor and student of the markets Tobias (@TobyTheInvestor) joins Mohammed Nalla (@MohammedNalla) and I from Copenhagen to discuss European markets and the appeal of Nordic markets that are often ignored when people think about global opportunities. Europe can offer attractive risk/return trade-offs, if investors know where to look. Toby gives great practical insights into navigating the region, including an understanding of the numerous Volkswagen listings! This episode is brought to you by Future Forex, assisting traders in making money from crypto even if they don't like crypto as an asset class. To find out more about Bitcoin arbitrage opportunities, visit and [...]

Magic Markets Ep23: European Gems2021-09-07T12:10:00+02:00

Magic Markets Ep13: Disney vs. Netflix


It's an investment rumble in the jungle, as the House of Mouse takes on Netflix. Although Netflix gets all the credit for being a techy platform company (and included in the FAANG group), Disney+ already has nearly 100 million subscribers vs. just over 200 million at Netflix. Of course, there's so much more to Disney than Disney+, like the entire Parks business and arguably the most impressive back catalogue in the world. "Netflix creates shows, but Disney creates worlds." In Episode 13 of highly rated podcast Magic Markets, The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla (Moe-Knows) discuss their views on which business [...]

Magic Markets Ep13: Disney vs. Netflix2021-09-07T12:10:15+02:00


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