Magic Markets Ep160: Tesla and Volkswagen


From shoes to cars – in this weeks podcast, we tackle Tesla and Volkswagen. After some important debate on whether Tesla makes ugly cars or not, we got serious about the financial performance. In the interests of a more balanced view, Tesla-permabear The Finance Ghost stayed away from that company and let Mohammed Nalla cover the Cult of Musk. In Volkswagen, our resident ghost explained that the EV theme is still coming through strongly in this company, which is a good and a bad thing. Join us for all in the insights!

Magic Markets Ep160: Tesla and Volkswagen2024-02-01T02:24:51+02:00

3M: Post-its, Profits and Plans


3M has a track record of 120 years of innovation. That sounds very impressive, but a share price chart over the past two decades tells a far less appealing story. This lumbering giant of a conglomerate has underperformed for years. Are there any catalysts for positive change?

3M: Post-its, Profits and Plans2023-05-17T22:34:57+02:00

Lovesac: Finding Money in the Couch


Lovesac is the bestselling couch in America, according to the company at least. It’s the fast-growing furniture business that you’ve never heard of. Lovesac have doubled both revenue and net income between 2021 and 2023, currently trading on a forward P/E in the mid-teens after a major stock price correction in the past 12 months.

Lovesac: Finding Money in the Couch2023-05-03T23:58:39+02:00

Tupperware: The Party is Over


At Tupperware, the party is nearly over. With a sales strategy that simply didn't move with the times, Tupperware is the perfect example of Ernest Hemingway's concept of going bankrupt gradually and then suddenly. Is there anything left here for equity holders?

Tupperware: The Party is Over2023-04-20T01:10:20+02:00

Generac: Light At the End of the Tunnel?


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Generac and its Q4'22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 23 February 2023) Generac has been at it for more than half a century, providing businesses and homes with alternative power solutions like generators. Fuelled by liquid propane, natural gas or diesel fuel, generators have unfortunately become a reality for most South African businesses. The South African distributor is Bundu Power, which is being acquired by JSE-listed group Ellies. But with Generac, you can go right to the top and invest in the products themselves, giving [...]

Generac: Light At the End of the Tunnel?2023-02-22T21:45:13+02:00

Caterpillar: Playing the Cycles


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Caterpillar and its Q2’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 8 September 2022) When it comes to iconic brands in the real economy, Caterpillar is right up there. You’ll even find it at your local toy store, getting kids excited with all kinds of yellow machinery. There’s more to the business than just diggers and trucks, as Caterpillar even plays in the marine industry. With a core business focusing on mining, energy and infrastructure, Caterpillar is exposed to the nuts and bolts of the economy. This [...]

Caterpillar: Playing the Cycles2022-09-07T23:40:59+02:00

Magic Markets Ep51: Foreign Investment in SA


Natale Labia is a South African living in Italy (Milan, to be exact) and so he brings a European perspective to the show. As an ex-South African banker, Natale is familiar with our market. He applies that expertise in his role as a partner at Lionhead Capital, where he is Head of Macro Strategy and Economics. You can read more about Natale's background at this link. Some listeners may recognise his name from his regular contributions to Daily Maverick, a publication which Magic Markets co-host The Finance Ghost also contributes to on a weekly basis. In this show, we discussed a macro [...]

Magic Markets Ep51: Foreign Investment in SA2021-11-18T03:49:01+02:00


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