Magic Markets Ep182: A GNU Dawn


The GNU dawn is all the rage in South Africa, but what does this mean for portfolio strategies? In this show, Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost add to the market discourse around the South African opportunities with a sobering view on some of the macroeconomic indicators, coupled with highly practical thoughts on what to be careful of in the equity market as part of a broader GNU play. And of course, there's a particular sector that the hosts put on the table as a potential winner in a GNU-driven recovery story. To enhance your understanding of the market and get views that you might not hear elsewhere, this is a great episode of Magic Markets.

Magic Markets Ep182: A GNU Dawn2024-07-03T23:33:27+02:00

Caterpillar: Playing the Cycles


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Caterpillar and its Q2’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 8 September 2022) When it comes to iconic brands in the real economy, Caterpillar is right up there. You’ll even find it at your local toy store, getting kids excited with all kinds of yellow machinery. There’s more to the business than just diggers and trucks, as Caterpillar even plays in the marine industry. With a core business focusing on mining, energy and infrastructure, Caterpillar is exposed to the nuts and bolts of the economy. This [...]

Caterpillar: Playing the Cycles2022-09-07T23:40:59+02:00

Magic Markets Ep62: Afrimat – a track record as Hotazel


With a share price and earnings track record that puts most companies to shame, Afrimat is widely regarded as a company with excellent capital allocation discipline and focused strategic execution.Starting in the construction industry, Afrimat has evolved into a strong mid-tier miner. Afrimat’s secret lies in owning a diversified portfolio of counter-cyclical businesses. The overlay of this cyclicality, when viewed in aggregate, creates a more attractive earnings profile and de-risks the entire operation. A conservative approach to the balance sheet has also been key to success.In Episode 62 of Magic Markets, we welcomed Afrimat CEO and founder Andries van Heerden to [...]

Magic Markets Ep62: Afrimat – a track record as Hotazel2022-02-10T01:16:14+02:00

Magic Markets Ep51: Foreign Investment in SA


Natale Labia is a South African living in Italy (Milan, to be exact) and so he brings a European perspective to the show. As an ex-South African banker, Natale is familiar with our market. He applies that expertise in his role as a partner at Lionhead Capital, where he is Head of Macro Strategy and Economics. You can read more about Natale's background at this link. Some listeners may recognise his name from his regular contributions to Daily Maverick, a publication which Magic Markets co-host The Finance Ghost also contributes to on a weekly basis. In this show, we discussed a macro [...]

Magic Markets Ep51: Foreign Investment in SA2021-11-18T03:49:01+02:00

Magic Markets Ep41: Commodity Economy


The commodity economy is playing out in front of our very eyes, not just in South Africa but in other important African jurisdictions as well. The obvious impact is on mining companies themselves, but there are other South African companies that have benefitted along the way, like MTN. In an inflationary environment where Fed Chair Jerome Powell seems quite comfortable with letting durables inflation run, commodity-related stocks are making a strong case for inclusion in our portfolios. Magic Markets is your invitation to join The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla as they discuss the markets, their portfolios and all things finance-related. Listen to the show [...]

Magic Markets Ep41: Commodity Economy2021-10-03T13:39:25+02:00
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