Magic Markets Ep183: Investing in Global BRNDZ


In a discussion that started with a reflection on the market moves in the latest quarter and the extent to which Big Tech has driven the indices, Craig Antonie of AnBro Capital Investments and the usual duo of Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost also delved into the BRNDZ portfolio at AnBro and the strategy around investing in the world's most valuable brands. Touching on a number of investment concepts ranging from cycles and balance sheets through to portfolio construction and long-term strategies, this is a highly insightful discussion for any serious investor.

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Magic Markets Ep85: US Earnings Season – July ’22


It’s just the two of us on Episode 85, which gave us a great opportunity to talk about all kinds of things, really. We started off with macroeconomics because there’s just so much going on in that space. Inflation, interest rates and even copper are top of mind for traders and investors alike. This led us into a discussion about banking regulation and how capital is being sucked out of the system by putting higher equity capital requirements on banks like JPMorgan Chase & Co. We talked about capital buffers and the impact they have on risk and returns. We also [...]

Magic Markets Ep85: US Earnings Season – July ’222022-07-20T23:24:33+02:00

Magic Markets Ep84: A First Half to Forget


In the past six months, the markets weren’t a happy place. Whether you were in bonds or in stocks, you suffered. The bull and bear markets of 2020 - 2022 have been severe, driven by unprecedented levels of stimulus and macroeconomic volatility. In difficult times, it’s important to lift your head and (try to) shut out the noise. The team from AnBro Capital Investments has done exactly that. They have released research around the impact on different sectors of this bear market vs. the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) that marked the end of a multi-year bull market in 2007. Growth stocks [...]

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Karooooo: Broken wings


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Karooooo and its Q4’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 8 June 2022) At the request of our subscribers, Karooooo is the first JSE-listed company we have covered in Magic Markets Premium. The group is also listed on the Nasdaq and has a global growth strategy, so we believe that it fits the Magic Markets Premium promise of covering globally relevant stocks. With an entrepreneurial approach that has been highly successful in South Africa with the Cartrack business, Karooooo believes that its technology can address customer [...]

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Magic Markets Ep25: Wood from the Trees


With US markets facing incredible volatility under the realities of inflation and poor jobs data, much of the risk money has moved from equities into cryptos. This has left many tech investors scratching their heads, down 20% or even 30% on stocks with exciting prospects. In episode 25 of Magic Markets, hosts The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla ( discuss the importance of valuations and taking a sensible approach in frothy markets. They discuss Cathie Wood and ARK Invest, including the risks of illiquid stocks and what investors need to consider before investing in such companies. http://  

Magic Markets Ep25: Wood from the Trees2021-09-07T12:10:00+02:00
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