Magic Markets Ep163: Airbnb and Shopify


Platform businesses are fascinating things that can make a great deal of money at scale. This week in Magic Markets Premium, we covered Uber and its emergence as a financial butterfly in literally the last year. To keep the platform theme going, we decided to cover Airbnb and Shopify in this week’s free Magic Markets show, made possible by B2IT.

Magic Markets Ep163: Airbnb and Shopify2024-02-21T17:07:47+02:00

Uber: Turning the Corner


It’s not every day that a company name becomes a verb. Usually, this only happens when a company becomes so synonymous with a particular service that consumers feel like there’s only one choice in the market – even when there isn’t. Uber’s brand has done an excellent job of becoming part of our everyday language. But for years, the company reported vast losses. When tech platforms finally turn the corner and become profitable, the results can be rather explosive, as we’ve now seen at Uber.

Uber: Turning the Corner2024-03-05T18:24:25+02:00

Recap: MercadoLibre


We first covered MercadoLibre in March 2023. We talked about Alibaba meeting Amazon in Latin America. Mostly, we were just highly impressed with the cohesive ecosystem that the company has built. We were also big fans of the commitment to profitability, something that many tech companies could learn something from. With Argentina in the headlines and renewed focus on the broader LatAm region, how has the business performed this year?

Recap: MercadoLibre2023-11-29T22:06:56+02:00

Tripadvisor: A One Star Review


Tripadvisor has a great brand, but does it have a great business? Or does it have a business at all, in the modern world of competitors like Google Maps? Worst of all, doesn't Tripadvisor have to pay Google just to stay relevant? It's not looking good for the famous travel and tourism company.

Tripadvisor: A One Star Review2023-05-24T23:13:08+02:00

Magic Markets Ep86: Trading DMA vs. OTC


The markets are a combination of art and science. Knowing the science is important, especially when it comes to the types of trades in the market and the differences between platforms. In this episode of Magic Markets, trading expert Petri Redelinghuys joins us to discuss concepts like trading DMA vs. OTC, stop-losses in forex vs. equity trades and the way auctions work on the market. As the founder of Herenya Capital Advisors, Petri is committed to upskilling traders and helping people find success in the market. To learn more about their offering, visit the Herenya website and follow them on Twitter. Herenya [...]

Magic Markets Ep86: Trading DMA vs. OTC2022-07-27T22:28:11+02:00

Airbnb: The travel swing


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Airbnb and its Q1’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 1 June 2022) Airbnb is about so much more than sharing someone’s apartment in New York. The company was born in the Global Financial Crisis and has survived Covid, confirming the strength of an asset-light platform that manages to become a verb. Airbnb has never made an annual profit, yet it has a market cap of over $76 billion. Travel is in vogue right now in the markets and Airbnb seems better off in inflationary times [...]

Airbnb: The travel swing2022-06-21T19:20:52+02:00
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