Magic Markets Ep113: Portfolio Winners and Losers


In Magic Markets, we try to eat our own cooking. When we cover stocks in Premium, it’s either because we already have a position in them or because we are interested in taking a position and want to do further research. In this episode of Magic Markets, we took advantage of a “just the two of us” situation to talk about some of the positions in our portfolios. Moe opted to talk about Visa, Disney and Simon Property Group, as well as Fedex as an example of a trade that got away. The Finance Ghost spoke about Hasbro as a mistake, [...]

Magic Markets Ep113: Portfolio Winners and Losers2023-02-22T19:45:49+02:00

Magic Markets Ep104: What’s going on inside Premium?


In this episode of Magic Markets, we took the opportunity to run through key elements of our research process in Magic Markets Premium. In doing so, we shared insights into important areas of focus for investors. Topics covered include: • Why do we present a bull case and a bear case on every company? • What do we learn by looking at insider selling? • In terms of financial analysis, what approach do we take to the numbers? • Many recognise that technical analysis is important, but few understand it – what are some of the key concepts that we use? [...]

Magic Markets Ep104: What’s going on inside Premium?2022-11-30T20:17:27+02:00

Magic Markets Ep89: Unwrapping our Research Process


In Magic Markets Premium, we’ve developed a research process that we apply every week in analysing global stocks. In this episode, we give you insights into that process. We talk about the importance of forming a bull case and a bear case, as it forces you to challenge your view and question what might go wrong (or better than expected). We also discuss why we look at both the tenure and trading history of the management team. The competitive environment is important of course, as is an analysis of recent financial results. We finish off with a discussion on the importance [...]

Magic Markets Ep89: Unwrapping our Research Process2022-08-17T22:02:47+02:00

Magic Markets Ep79: Three Burning Questions


The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla decided to ask each other three burning questions on this show. To give you a taste of what we discussed: How do you reconcile bottom-up analysis with what the market is telling you? How has Magic Markets Premium impacted your appetite for global vs. local stocks? What have been your biggest learnings about running a business with someone on the other side of the world? Based on what we’ve seen gold do recently, does it impact your long thesis? What about holding the commodity vs. holding the miners? In Magic Markets Premium, what part of [...]

Magic Markets Ep79: Three Burning Questions2022-06-09T07:12:49+02:00

Magic Markets Ep78: A sneak peak at Premium


With 31 Premium shows behind us, we’ve learnt so much from our detailed research on global stocks. For example, we now know that Lululemon has an incredibly strong brand and direct-to-consumer strategy, with the next results due on 2nd June. We’ve also covered brands like Nike and Starbucks, which have had a tough time recently. In the search for defensive stocks, we’ve previously highlighted Pepsico and Visa as solid companies. Both have comfortably beaten the market this year, down between 3% and 4% in 2022. Simon Property Group is the kind of business that many would choose as a defensive stock, [...]

Magic Markets Ep78: A sneak peak at Premium2022-06-01T23:47:25+02:00
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