Magic Markets Ep178: Collision Politics


With South Africa entering a new era of politics, we will soon find out whether coalition politics actually look more like collision politics. Either way, "the market" matters and will continue to matter, punishing poor policy decisions and any related uncertainty. In this show, Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost discuss concepts like GDP growth, bond yields, the rand and the situation on the ground for South African consumers.

Magic Markets Ep178: Collision Politics2024-06-05T22:00:40+02:00

Magic Markets Ep129: Relief Rallies and Market Emotions


With a local relief rally putting many stocks in the green after a horrible few months, we unpack some of the differences between the North American and local markets. We touch on behavioural finance and how sentiment drives market performance over different time horizons. This is a perfect example of the conversations that happen in dealing rooms and professional institutions. At Magic Markets, we give you a ticket to the dealing room to engage with us and learn from our views on the markets.

Magic Markets Ep129: Relief Rallies and Market Emotions2023-06-14T03:15:48+02:00

Magic Markets Ep34: Riots and Rands


Our home country is burning. South Africa is in economic turmoil and lives are being lost in riots and looting. This isn't sensationalist. This is what is happening on the ground, right now. In an incredibly sad week for our beautiful country, we have a heartfelt conversation about the situation and what it means for investors. It's an unpleasant reminder of the importance of creating optionality for yourself and your family. We hope to offer some perspective in dark times. We would also like to thank you for making time to listen to us in a week where you are being bombarded [...]

Magic Markets Ep34: Riots and Rands2021-09-07T12:09:59+02:00

Magic Markets Ep1: Rollin’ with the Rand


Mohammed Nalla is one of the most highly respected macroeconomic market analysts to emerge from South Africa. He's launched Moe-Knows, a macroeconomics knowledge platform. Now living in Canada, he layers a global perspective on top of his emerging markets expertise. Together, The Finance Ghost and Moe-Knows have multiple years of experience across practically every asset class. In Magic Markets, we unpack market trends and share our insights in a way that will help you grow your knowledge. In Episode 1: Rollin' with the Rand, we take a look at the major drivers of Rand strength and weakness, its relative value at [...]

Magic Markets Ep1: Rollin’ with the Rand2021-09-07T12:10:41+02:00


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