Amazon: In Their Prime


Amazon’s management talks about it being early days in all of their businesses. That’s quite a statement for one of the world’s most valuable and exciting companies to make. Is this just a classic case of a growth stock trying to support its valuation multiple, or does Amazon still have enough runway? With performance well ahead of the Nasdaq-100 this year, Amazon has caught up some of the lost ground. Can it keep going?

Amazon: In Their Prime2024-05-08T23:15:44+02:00

Alphabet: Old Dog, New Tricks


It took Google 15 years to reach $100 billion in annual review. It then took just 6 years to triple it to $300 billion. But perhaps the most impressive statistic of all is that the company expects to end the 2024 financial year with an annualised run rate of $100 billion revenue in YouTube and Cloud combined, let alone Search. With growth of around 55% in the share price in the past 12 months, Alphabet has even outperformed Microsoft over that period. Perhaps Alphabet really is the old dog that can learn new tricks.

Alphabet: Old Dog, New Tricks2024-05-01T21:01:53+02:00

Netflix: Can the Show Go On?


270 million households. Over 190 countries. The ability to turn anyone in a world famous star with a single documentary or series. Netflix won many streaming battles and it seems to have won the war. After growth in subscribers stagnated last year and sent the share price into freefall, a recent rally has been driven by a resurgence in subscriber growth and improved user economics. As Netflix really comes into its own, how should investors be thinking about the company that was criminally left out of the Magnificent Seven?

Netflix: Can the Show Go On?2024-04-24T19:53:36+02:00

Hasbro: Not a Monopoly


MAGIC: The Gathering. Baldur’s Gate. Monopoly. NERF guns and Transformers. These are just a few of the brands in Hasbro’s impressive portfolio of businesses that focus on helping people have fun. Shareholders have been having far less fun than the customers, with revenue under pressure and Hasbro in the midst of a painful turnaround strategy. Could 2024 be a year of improved fortunes, or do the profits remain little more than a fantasy?

Hasbro: Not a Monopoly2024-04-18T00:03:53+02:00

Disney: Proxy Wars


Despite boasting 17 consecutive years of dividend increases, Emera has been an underperformer on the market relative to a peer like Next Era Energy, which we recently covered here on Magic Markets Premium. As we continue to operate in an environment of higher rates and a focus on yields, does Emera offer compelling value, or is this more likely to be a value trap?

Disney: Proxy Wars2024-04-10T10:46:52+02:00

Recap: Ferrari


Sainz may be out of a job despite winning over the weekend for Ferrari, but shareholders in the group seem to have no such stress. The Ferrari share price has gone from strength to strength, with the market treating it as the best luxury stock on the planet. Just what is it that makes Ferrari so lucrative as a company? Join us as we recap this exciting stock that we first covered in September 2022.

Recap: Ferrari2024-03-27T22:45:48+02:00

Magic Markets Ep149: Amazon and Alphabet


Welcome to episode 149 of Magic Markets. It’s the middle of US earnings season, and two international tech giants have released results last week. This is a tale of two stocks, with one garnering a very positive reaction from the market and the other… well, not so much. Join us as we discuss Amazon and Alphabet (the holding company of Google).

Magic Markets Ep149: Amazon and Alphabet2023-11-01T21:28:20+02:00

Magic Markets Ep148: Tesla and Netflix


Welcome to episode 148 of Magic Markets. This week, we cast our eyes beyond our local borders to bring you insights from two heavy hitters in the international market: Netflix and Tesla. These household names are making major moves and stirring up emotions as a result, with Tesla hyping up the Cybertruck while Netflix is all about strong subscriber growth and ad-supported tiers. Beyond these points, we also discussed a whole lot more. Is Ghost still a Tesla bear and can Moe be tempted back into Netflix after taking profits? Tune in to the podcast to find out!

Magic Markets Ep148: Tesla and Netflix2023-10-25T18:46:41+02:00

Recap: LVMH


We first covered LVMH in May 2023. That wasn't a long time ago, yet so much has happened. We were worried that the valuation was much too high and time has proven us correct.

Recap: LVMH2023-10-18T22:56:30+02:00

Magic Markets Ep146: McCormick and SA Food


In Episode 146, Magic Markets digs into the food producer industry. This hasn’t been a great place to put your money during this period of heightened inflation, as consumer pressures tend to flow up through the value chain. As usual, we lean on our research in Magic Markets Premium for the global choice in this show, with Moe covering McCormick (20% market share in the spices and seasoning market in North America). The Finance Ghost chose a selection of South African food producers to talk about, indicating the pressures in the industry.

Magic Markets Ep146: McCormick and SA Food2023-10-11T21:26:40+02:00


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