Magic Markets Ep171: Foot Locker and Nike


Foot Locker and Nike: friends, but also enemies. Foot Locker is Nike’s customer, yet Foot Locker’s customers are also Nike’s customers. Nike’s customers are Foot Locker’s customers. As you can see, there’s only one way to describe the relationship status here: complicated. Foot Locker has been the love-to-hate stock that value investors sometimes dip into. Nike has been a growth investor favourite, yet the stock really hasn’t done well either.

Magic Markets Ep171: Foot Locker and Nike2024-04-18T17:28:29+02:00

Magic Markets Ep168: Lululemon and FedEx


FedEx and Lululemon have both been covered and recapped on Magic Markets Premium before. We love circling back and revisiting companies that we’ve researched before, as the feedback loop is so important when testing how an investment thesis played out. Join us in this week's free show for an update on the latest company news and our updated views.

Magic Markets Ep168: Lululemon and FedEx2024-03-28T00:36:15+02:00

Under Armour: Underperformer


Under Armour is a bit like ordering Nike on Wish. As the joke goes, you aren’t quite getting what you thought you paid for. The business operates in the apparel market, yet it has struggled to gain proper traction with consumers. The leadership of the group is now in disarray, after the sudden departure of the CEO and the return of the founder to that role. Is Under Armour truly broken, or is this an interesting speculative play?

Under Armour: Underperformer2024-03-20T20:33:26+02:00

Magic Markets Ep163: Airbnb and Shopify


Platform businesses are fascinating things that can make a great deal of money at scale. This week in Magic Markets Premium, we covered Uber and its emergence as a financial butterfly in literally the last year. To keep the platform theme going, we decided to cover Airbnb and Shopify in this week’s free Magic Markets show, made possible by B2IT.

Magic Markets Ep163: Airbnb and Shopify2024-02-21T17:07:47+02:00

Magic Markets Ep159: Crocs and Birkenstock


In this episode of Magic Markets, we dug in the back of our cupboards for the shoes we are too embarrassed to wear. Perhaps we just aren’t fashionable enough, as there are many celebrities wearing Birkenstocks. As for Crocs, there are few who would put those on a pedestal for beautiful design. Moe covered Crocs in this show, starting with a recap of some of the points we covered when issuing our Magic Markets Premium report on Crocs some time ago. Ghost took on the responsibility of Birkenstock, which executed its IPO just a few months ago. Of the two ugly shoe contenders, which one is a buy? And does Birkenstock make a decent case for itself to be covered in Magic Markets Premium at some stage? Listen to this podcast to find out.

Magic Markets Ep159: Crocs and Birkenstock2024-01-24T21:34:12+02:00

EssilorLuxottica: Ray-Bans and Plans


Ray-Bans are the eyewear of choice on the highway to the danger zone. High valuations are always a danger zone, as investors in some of the most famous brands in the world have found out the hard way. EssilorLuxottica certainly isn’t light on brands, but it’s a complicated task to figure out whether the valuation reflects the consumer part of the business or the professional lenses side, which is more of a medical devices operation.

EssilorLuxottica: Ray-Bans and Plans2024-01-25T00:05:05+02:00

Abercrombie & Fitch: From Abs to Riches


Abercrombie & Fitch is proof that a retail leopard can change its spots – and its entire brand for that matter! There was a time in the world when this business was famous for having shirtless men helping in the stores. That business model aged about as well as the washboard abs themselves: i.e. not very well at all. Today, the brand has much broader appeal and the results are clear for all to see, with the share price up more than 250% in the past year! Is there any value left in it, or can we only learn lessons here about how well a retailer can be turned around?

Abercrombie & Fitch: From Abs to Riches2024-01-17T21:46:43+02:00

Recap: Simon Property Group


In our final report for 2023, we look back on Simon Property Group. This is the apex predator in the US when it comes to retail property, owning a vast portfolio of high-end malls and investments in various other portfolios around the world. This puts the group at the centre of macroeconomic concepts like consumer spending, inflation and yield curves. What has this meant for the share price this year and the prospects in 2024?

Recap: Simon Property Group2023-12-20T18:14:16+02:00

Magic Markets Ep155: Lululemon and SA Fashion Retail


Welcome to episode 155 of Magic Markets. This week, we’re talking about fashion retail. Moe is representing the global north with his choice of athleisure brand Lululemon, while Ghost is keeping things more general with a selection of South African fashion retail brands including The Foschini Group and Mr Price.

Magic Markets Ep155: Lululemon and SA Fashion Retail2023-12-10T20:23:44+02:00

Magic Markets Ep154: Dis-Chem and Ulta Beauty


Welcome to episode 154 of Magic Markets. We're diving deep into the beauty sector this week, exploring stocks that bring a touch of glam to the market scene. Moe has his sights set on Ulta Beauty, the US-based beauty specialist retailer while Ghost chose to delve into the South African beauty scene, focusing on Dis-Chem, the pharmacy group that is more than just a pharmacy: it's a beauty and healthcare haven. This is an exciting sector...join us!

Magic Markets Ep154: Dis-Chem and Ulta Beauty2023-12-06T18:42:58+02:00


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