Magic Markets Ep66: Strong opinions, loosely held


Herenya is a name you’ve heard before on Magic Markets. Considering they have a strong trading community and a focus on supporting and developing traders (and investors for that matter), we love working with the team from Herenya. Founder Petri Redelinghuys will be joining us every month to discuss the trends he’s seeing in the markets and some of the portfolio strategies being used by the team at Herenya. In this episode, we look at the recent volatility related to the crisis in Ukraine and how the traders have tried to unemotionally position themselves. We discussed the risks of chasing commodity [...]

Magic Markets Ep66: Strong opinions, loosely held2022-03-10T01:29:30+02:00

Magic Markets Ep64: It’s a stock picker’s market


2022 is clearly a stock picker’s market. The days of throwing darts and making money are behind us. With that in mind, the hosts decided to talk through some of the current themes in the market and what it means for their portfolios. Covering a wide variety of topics ranging from Russia and Barloworld through to Bitcoin and the great Tesla vs. Ford debate, this episode of Magic Markets is your invitation to be part of a trading room-style discussion about the top-of-mind issues in the markets.  

Magic Markets Ep64: It’s a stock picker’s market2022-02-24T00:24:12+02:00


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