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UPS: What’s in the Box?


UPS is part of the logistics oligopoly in the US, with arch-rival FedEx having been covered a few times on Magic Markets before. UPS has had a terrible year, with major labour issues highlighting the risks in this sector. Does it represent an interesting swing trade for the rest of the year?

UPS: What’s in the Box?2023-08-16T23:43:19+02:00

FedEx: More with Less


FedEx keeps delivering share price volatility and major shifts in its operations, so we keep covering this stock. With news of a substantial cost cutting plan now in the market, the share price has been on a strong run this year. With margins suffering a hard landing, can management deliver this plan?

FedEx: More with Less2023-04-12T22:17:23+02:00

Recap: FedEx and Taiwan Semiconductor Company


Use the podcast player below to listen to our recap on FedEx and Taiwan Semiconductor Company, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 10 August 2022) Recap shows are important in Magic Markets Premium. We strongly believe in a feedback loop and assessing our views and expectations against what actually happened. We always give it a few months after our work for a clear trend to establish itself. In this show, we recap two companies that have been beneficiaries of the pandemic. FedEx has loved a supply crunch that has allowed it to raise prices for moving goods across [...]

Recap: FedEx and Taiwan Semiconductor Company2022-08-10T22:18:05+02:00

Magic Markets Ep74: Ukraine: a view from Eastern Europe


Andries Retief is a South African living in Poland who runs DHL’s Central and Eastern Europe business. This gives him incredible insights into the global supply chain challenges that are plaguing so many businesses and industries at the moment. It also puts him right at the coalface of the war in Ukraine, with Polish borders having been opened to millions of Ukrainian refugees. In this podcast, we bring you these insights and so many more, covering a broad variety of topics including geopolitical issues in Europe. Every crisis brings both heartache and opportunity and this one is no different, with the [...]

Magic Markets Ep74: Ukraine: a view from Eastern Europe2022-05-05T07:57:51+02:00

PREMIUM: FedEx – Packages in the pandemic


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on FedEx and its Q2’22 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 12 January 2022) FedEx has been building the world's largest express transportation company for five decades. It connects more than 220 countries and territories, covering 99% of the world's GDP. With a market cap of over $67 billion at time of writing and literally hundreds of thousands of employees, FedEx is a key player in greasing the wheels of international commerce. The pandemic has given a shot in the arm to eCommerce, driving strong growth in [...]

PREMIUM: FedEx – Packages in the pandemic2022-06-21T19:24:30+02:00

Magic Markets Ep55: The Supply Chain Expert


Andries Retief is the CEO of Central and Eastern Europe for DHL. He is also a Magic Markets Premium subscriber, so we know that he’s a man of impeccable taste. He’s currently right in the thick of the most topical industry in the world right now: supply chain.  Building on our previous discussions on Supply chain (Episode 47), we couldn’t resist the opportunity to invite on the expert to take the discussion further. In Episode 55, Andries takes us through what's happening at the coal face of the current crunch in supply chains and both the opportunities and challenges that this [...]

Magic Markets Ep55: The Supply Chain Expert2021-12-09T01:24:54+02:00

PREMIUM: Nike – the Apple of apparel


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Nike, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: http:// (Date of report: 18 October 2021, NKE price: $157.31) Beneath the Surface - things you need to remember When it comes to sport and athleisure, Nike is the champion brand. On the global stage, the famous swoosh mark represents a business that has stood the test of time, built over decades from humble beginnings. If you want to understand more about Nike’s story, Shoe Dog by founder Phil Knight is a brilliant read. When a brand is so connected to consumers, wholesalers [...]

PREMIUM: Nike – the Apple of apparel2022-06-21T19:25:33+02:00

Magic Markets Ep47: Supply Chain Pressures


With supply chains around the world clogged up and companies scrambling to navigate their way through the mess, there have been clear winners in the process like Grindrod Shipping. Is it wise to chase those winners, or to look for the companies that are ready to pounce once the supply chains catch up to demand? In Episode 47 of Magic Markets, hosts The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla explore the reasons for the supply chain pressures and the impact this has on companies, using practical examples along the way. There’s also a short discussion on the potential impact on property prices [...]

Magic Markets Ep47: Supply Chain Pressures2021-10-21T23:56:48+02:00


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