Emera: Is There a Spark?


Despite boasting 17 consecutive years of dividend increases, Emera has been an underperformer on the market relative to a peer like Next Era Energy, which we recently covered here on Magic Markets Premium. As we continue to operate in an environment of higher rates and a focus on yields, does Emera offer compelling value, or is this more likely to be a value trap?

Emera: Is There a Spark?2024-04-03T22:50:22+02:00

NextEra Energy: Shooting the Lights Out


In a land far, far away from load shedding, we find the US utilities sector. These are listed companies that are keeping the lights on in North America – literally! Known for defensive cash flows and ideally some underlying growth as well, this is a way to diversify equity exposure in portfolios that are inevitably tilted significantly towards the tech sector. NextEra Energy is the standard bearer in this space, claiming the highest allocation in most utility sector ETFs. If you’re looking to buy-and-forget in this space, does it make sense to buy the sector stalwart?

NextEra Energy: Shooting the Lights Out2024-02-01T02:24:42+02:00

Magic Markets Ep115: Clean and Green US Stocks


In this episode of Magic Markets, Craig Antonie of AnBro Capital Investments joined us to discuss a few energy opportunities in the US that the AnBro funds have positions in. There are both dividend- and growth-oriented funds available at AnBro, so there is something for (almost) everyone. The energy theme is a major driver of global markets at the moment, with a clear push towards clean and green energy (not always the same thing) and inflationary pressure in fossil fuel prices as a result. With a major regulatory move in the form of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the US [...]

Magic Markets Ep115: Clean and Green US Stocks2023-03-08T23:41:38+02:00


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