Magic Markets Ep120: Banking On Our Banks


The failure of Silicon Valley Bank is still fresh in our minds, prompting a discussion around the key differences between the risk embedded in US banks vs. local (South African) banks. There are great insights here around the basic risks of fixed income instruments and the importance of asset-liability matching at financial institutions. We also looked at common metrics used in analysing banks, helping investors understand their relative valuations.

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Magic Markets Ep31: Yield Masterclass


Whether you trade bonds or not, the yield curve has an important impact on all the assets in your portfolio. Valuations of shares are significantly impacted by changes in interest rates, driving up- and down-cycles that you don't want to get on the wrong side of, regardless of your stock picking abilities. In Episode 31 of Magic Markets, the hosts kick it up a gear on the technical side, discussing more advanced topics on the yield curve for those who are ready to learn more. The combination of Mohammed Nalla's macro and fixed income insights and The Finance Ghost's experience with [...]

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Magic Markets Ep25: Wood from the Trees


With US markets facing incredible volatility under the realities of inflation and poor jobs data, much of the risk money has moved from equities into cryptos. This has left many tech investors scratching their heads, down 20% or even 30% on stocks with exciting prospects. In episode 25 of Magic Markets, hosts The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla ( discuss the importance of valuations and taking a sensible approach in frothy markets. They discuss Cathie Wood and ARK Invest, including the risks of illiquid stocks and what investors need to consider before investing in such companies. http://  

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Magic Markets Ep15: The Yield Curve-ball


In Episode 15 of Magic Markets, The Yield Curve-ball, The Finance Ghost and Mohammed Nalla ( discuss the impact of a steepening US Treasuries curve and what it all means. Topics discussed include: The basics of bonds Corporate vs. government bonds Whether bonds are good investments The impact of the yield curve on equity valuations Impact on gold Episode 15 of Magic Markets is brought to you by Elite Risk Acceptances. Visit the Elite Risk website for bespoke insurance cover for wealthy individuals. Elite Risk Acceptances is part of the Old Mutual Group of companies. http://  

Magic Markets Ep15: The Yield Curve-ball2021-09-07T12:10:15+02:00
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