Magic Markets Ep135: Our Recent Trades


At Magic Markets, we "eat our own cooking" with our research and this week, we look at some of the recent trades in our portfolio including where we take profit, new ideas and more. Stocks covered in this show include Microsoft, Apple, Meta, Netflix, Tesla, Disney, TripAdvisor, Carnival Corporation, Visa, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo and Yum! Brands.

Magic Markets Ep135: Our Recent Trades2023-07-26T23:29:50+02:00

Recap: Hasbro and Visa


By recapping Hasbro and Visa in the same report, we touch on one company that is in a state of strategic flux and another that is simply executing on more of the same. This is what makes the markets so interesting.

Recap: Hasbro and Visa2023-06-29T08:44:36+02:00

Recap: Disney and Visa


Use the podcast player below to listen to our recap on Disney and Visa, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 15 June 2022) A successful investing or trading strategy is all about forming a view, executing on that view and then analysing what actually happened in the market. This feedback loop is a critical learning experience and Magic Markets Premium is no different. In our third recap show, we decided to look at Disney and Visa and see what has happened since we covered the companies at the end of 2021. As our work focuses on medium- to [...]

Recap: Disney and Visa2022-06-15T22:45:27+02:00

Magic Markets Ep78: A sneak peak at Premium


With 31 Premium shows behind us, we’ve learnt so much from our detailed research on global stocks. For example, we now know that Lululemon has an incredibly strong brand and direct-to-consumer strategy, with the next results due on 2nd June. We’ve also covered brands like Nike and Starbucks, which have had a tough time recently. In the search for defensive stocks, we’ve previously highlighted Pepsico and Visa as solid companies. Both have comfortably beaten the market this year, down between 3% and 4% in 2022. Simon Property Group is the kind of business that many would choose as a defensive stock, [...]

Magic Markets Ep78: A sneak peak at Premium2022-06-01T23:47:25+02:00

Magic Markets Ep56: Themes from our Deep Dives


With eight Magic Markets Premium shows behind us and a ninth dropping this week, we took the opportunity to reflect on the themes coming through from these deep dives. In Episode 56, we discussed some of our key learnings on each of the companies we have covered. We have done detailed research on Nike, US banks, Microsoft, Etsy, Monster, Intuit, Ford, Visa and now Disney as well. The detailed reports and podcasts are available to Magic Markets subscribers for R99/month. Go to to gain access to the full library and a new deep dive on a global stock each week.

Magic Markets Ep56: Themes from our Deep Dives2021-12-16T14:48:58+02:00

PREMIUM: VISA – on the rails


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Visa and its Q4’21 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 8 December 2021) Bigger than the banks. If you remember nothing else, remember this point. Visa was incubated in Bank of America in the 1950s. The bank simply mailed credit cards to its clients, without any kind of vetting process. Although there was a considerable amount of fraud and card drops were eventually outlawed, the idea stuck and the rest is history. Visa is now larger than any of the banks. By operating the platform (the [...]

PREMIUM: VISA – on the rails2022-06-21T19:24:48+02:00


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