Magic Markets Ep160: Tesla and Volkswagen


From shoes to cars – in this weeks podcast, we tackle Tesla and Volkswagen. After some important debate on whether Tesla makes ugly cars or not, we got serious about the financial performance. In the interests of a more balanced view, Tesla-permabear The Finance Ghost stayed away from that company and let Mohammed Nalla cover the Cult of Musk. In Volkswagen, our resident ghost explained that the EV theme is still coming through strongly in this company, which is a good and a bad thing. Join us for all in the insights!

Magic Markets Ep160: Tesla and Volkswagen2024-02-01T02:24:51+02:00

Magic Markets Ep23: European Gems


European investor and student of the markets Tobias (@TobyTheInvestor) joins Mohammed Nalla (@MohammedNalla) and I from Copenhagen to discuss European markets and the appeal of Nordic markets that are often ignored when people think about global opportunities. Europe can offer attractive risk/return trade-offs, if investors know where to look. Toby gives great practical insights into navigating the region, including an understanding of the numerous Volkswagen listings! This episode is brought to you by Future Forex, assisting traders in making money from crypto even if they don't like crypto as an asset class. To find out more about Bitcoin arbitrage opportunities, visit and [...]

Magic Markets Ep23: European Gems2021-09-07T12:10:00+02:00


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