Magic Markets Ep176: Walmart and Under Armour


Walmart is a good example of a pullback from the work-from-home trend that became a feature of the pandemic, with many viewing this as a return to the company’s roots. This is seen favourable against a backdrop of improved performance at Walmart. Under Armour is also going back to its roots, more out of necessity than by design. Founder Kevin Plank is back in the CEO role and has a very tough road ahead, with the company experiencing a sharp drop in sales and needing to reposition its products as premium.

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Magic Markets Ep136: Retail Stock Reality


In episode 136 of Magic Markets, we kicked off the discussion by talking about retail stocks. They are always relevant to investors because people know the brands and feel like they understand the businesses. Of course, like everything in the market, it’s not quite that simple. In this action-packed discussion that touched on many different topics ranging from global to SA retailers, through to real estate, E-commerce, the rise of shrinkage (theft) in global retailers and SO much more! Listen in NOW!

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Walmart: It’s all in the mix


Use the podcast player below to listen to our discussion on Walmart and its Q1’23 result, which accompanies the detailed write-up below: (Date of report: 26 May 2022) With the share price down 15% this year and 22% in the past month, Walmart hasn't been spared in this sell-off. The shocking thing about this is that the pain was felt in the space of a day, with the latest earnings release surprising the market to the downside. With a vast retail footprint and a business model that one would assume is an inflation hedge, has the market overreacted to Walmart's issues, [...]

Walmart: It’s all in the mix2022-06-21T19:21:19+02:00


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