The Finance Ghost

The Finance Ghost

Don’t let the friendly purple face fool you – this ghost means business!

I’ve spent a decade in financial services and strategy roles, including 6 years in a corporate advisory capacity working on mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and valuations. I now focus on explaining the markets in a fun but sophisticated way.

I am the founder and editor of Ghost Mail , a newsletter enjoyed by around 80,000 investors every week who value biting insights and a dose of humour. I am also a columnist for Financial Mail and Daily Maverick. Follow me on Twitter for my best work.

The Ghost

Mohammed Nalla (Moe-Knows)

Mohammed Nalla

When it comes to money, markets and macro, I’ve seen a lot.

In a career spanning more than 15 years, I’ve structured derivatives on the trading floor and been the head of research at a +$200bn fund. I take a top-down approach, piecing together trends and applying macroeconomic principles to my investments.

I’ve been on Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, Business Insider, CNN and more. I now live in Canada, so I combine a South African flavour with a global perspective on investment ideas and strategy. You can read my work on and you should follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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