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The Finance Ghost

Don’t let the friendly purple face fool you – this ghost means business!

I’ve spent a decade in financial services and strategy roles, including 6 years in a corporate advisory capacity working on mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and valuations. I now focus on explaining the markets in a fun but sophisticated way.

I am a Financial Mail columnist and the Managing Editor of InceConnect. I write Ghost Mail which is enjoyed by thousands of readers every week. You can find my work on and you should follow me on Twitter for regular updates. You’ll also find me on Facebook.

Mohammed Nalla (Moe-Knows)

When it comes to money, markets and macro, I’ve seen a lot.

In a career spanning more than 15 years, I’ve structured derivatives on the trading floor and been the head of research at a +$200bn fund. I take a top-down approach, piecing together trends and applying macroeconomic principles to my investments.

I’ve been on Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, Business Insider, CNN and more. I now live in Canada, so I combine a South African flavour with a global perspective on investment ideas and strategy. You can read my work on and you should follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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