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Magic Markets Ep126: Crypto Arbitrage and the Future of Forex

After a difficult period in which the crypto arbitrage needed to be temporarily closed down to manage counterparty risk amidst uncertainty in the global banking system, the Future Forex team is offering the arbitrage once more. They have also evolved the Future Forex business model to offer additional services to clients and move the business into a new area, focussing on fulfilling client's FX needs.

Magic Markets Ep126: Crypto Arbitrage and the Future of Forex2023-05-24T21:15:20+02:00

Tripadvisor: A One Star Review

Tripadvisor has a great brand, but does it have a great business? Or does it have a business at all, in the modern world of competitors like Google Maps? Worst of all, doesn't Tripadvisor have to pay Google just to stay relevant? It's not looking good for the famous travel and tourism company.

Tripadvisor: A One Star Review2023-05-24T23:13:08+02:00

Magic Markets Ep125: AnBro Stock Focus – IFF and RWAY

Some interesting high dividend yield stocks are popping onto the radar. This week, we look at two companies which are interesting for different reasons, International Flavors and Fragrances ($IFF) and Runway Growth Finance ($RWAY). Listen to this episode to learn not just about $IFF and $RWAY, but about how the team at AnBro thinks about stocks on their watchlist.

Magic Markets Ep125: AnBro Stock Focus – IFF and RWAY2023-05-17T19:42:11+02:00

3M: Post-its, Profits and Plans

3M has a track record of 120 years of innovation. That sounds very impressive, but a share price chart over the past two decades tells a far less appealing story. This lumbering giant of a conglomerate has underperformed for years. Are there any catalysts for positive change?

3M: Post-its, Profits and Plans2023-05-17T22:34:57+02:00

Magic Markets Ep124: Five with Trive – Artificial Intelligence

It doesn't get more topical than artificial intelligence, with Alexander Weiss of Trive South Africa joining us to reflect on the extraordinary growth seen thus far and the companies at the forefront of this trend. This includes Nvidia, AMD, Microsoft, Alphabet and Meta. Join us for Five with Ttrive as we discuss these stocks.

Magic Markets Ep124: Five with Trive – Artificial Intelligence2023-05-11T11:09:50+02:00

LVMH: Luxury Valuation, Market High

LVMH stands for luxury and exclusivity. Those who have held the shares for long enough would've gotten themselves closer to affording the products, as this has been a long-term winner. Do the numbers support the recent share price trend, or is this purely a momentum play?

LVMH: Luxury Valuation, Market High2023-05-11T00:01:55+02:00

Lovesac: Finding Money in the Couch

Lovesac is the bestselling couch in America, according to the company at least. It’s the fast-growing furniture business that you’ve never heard of. Lovesac have doubled both revenue and net income between 2021 and 2023, currently trading on a forward P/E in the mid-teens after a major stock price correction in the past 12 months.

Lovesac: Finding Money in the Couch2023-05-03T23:58:39+02:00

Magic Markets Ep123: Growth, Value and Five-Year Fun

Growth vs. value is one of the most stereotypical debates in the market. There’s so much to learn from these two approaches, so we used the opportunity this week to discuss this topic and look at some of the core differences. This included real-world examples of various companies that we have covered in Magic Markets Premium as well.

Magic Markets Ep123: Growth, Value and Five-Year Fun2023-05-03T18:05:48+02:00

Prologis: Safe as Warehouses

As the world’s largest owner of logistics and warehousing property, Prologis has been enjoying the tailwind from a structural shift to eCommerce. With a strong balance sheet and lots of strategic optionality, the company has achieved surprising growth from an asset class that many see as boring.

Prologis: Safe as Warehouses2023-04-26T22:28:14+02:00

Magic Markets Ep122: Anchoring Alternative Assets

In Episode 121 of Magic Markets, we reflect on some of the recent insights uncovered in our research for Magic Markets Premium. These include how the poor use of share buybacks by US companies, the divergence in performance between national and regional banks in the US, why we look for optionality in a business model, how to view cylical companies in a portfolio and the recent popularity of the luxury sector, why investors are buying these companies and the risk of chasing the hype.

Magic Markets Ep122: Anchoring Alternative Assets2023-04-25T21:11:44+02:00
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