With an obvious passion for the markets and the psychology behind them, Alexander Weiss from Trive South Africa joined us for a discussion on the banking industry.

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank is still fresh in our minds, prompting a discussion around the key differences between the risk embedded in US banks vs. local (South African) banks. There are great insights here around the basic risks of fixed income instruments and the importance of asset-liability matching at financial institutions.

We also looked at common metrics used in analysing banks, helping investors understand their relative valuations. Price/Earnings, Price/Book and other approaches were referenced.

For anyone looking to boost their knowledge of the banking sector, this discussion is a worthwhile investment of time.

Episode 120 is proudly brought to you by Trive South Africa. For more information on Trive South Africa, visit the website at www.trive.co.za or check out their social media pages (@trive_sa).