In Episode 122 of Magic Markets, we welcomed the familiar voice of Dino Zuccollo to the show. Dino is the Head of Product Development and Distribution at Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management and we’ve learnt a great deal about alternative assets over a number of podcasts with Westbrooke.

This time around, we were joined by two investment professionals from Anchor Capital who were able to give us a view on alternative assets from another perspective. Matthew Norwood-Young is the Head of Strategic Development at Anchor Group. Peter Little is on the Global Fund Management side of Anchor Capital.

With such experienced guests, we took the opportunity to discuss topics like:

  • The appeal of alternative assets for investors and how they contribute to a portfolio management strategy.
  • The level of understanding among investors and what their general perspective is on this asset class.
  • The trends in yield-focused and equity-focused assets.
  • The extent of typical allocations to alternative assets and the hurdles to increasing this further.

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