Harry Scherzer of Future Forex is back on Magic Markets to give us an update not just on crypto arbitrage, but on the Future Forex business and the direction being taken.

After a difficult period in which the arbitrage needed to be temporarily closed down to manage counterparty risk amidst uncertainty in the global banking system, the team is offering the arbitrage once more. They have also evolved the Future Forex business model to offer additional services to clients and move the business into a new area.

The discussion included:

  • A brief recap of why the crypto arbitrage exists in the first place, as well as the risk of an arbitrage opportunity closing over time.
  • Some of the drivers of recent arbitrage spreads and why that can change.
  • Recent regulatory changes at SARS regarding the process of taking more than R1 million out of South Africa, with a surprising benefit for Future Forex clients.
  • The versatility of the Future Forex business model and the benefit of relationships creating with banking partners over the years, which enables the company to offer attractive forex solutions to clients for both corporate and personal needs.
  • The “fee” saving opportunity for clients, once the extent of the bid-offer spread on forex is understood as a genuine cost of transacting.
  • Potential future areas of expansion for Future Forex.

Future Forex is a Financial Services Provider leveraging innovation and automation to provide cutting-edge forex services at exceptional rates to South African SMEs and high net-wealth individuals. As part of their forex service, they offer FEC cover, foreign currency accounts, complimentary AIT applications and more. If you’d like to get in touch, call them on +27 21 518 0558 or visit  www.futureforex.co.za