As the earnings season in the US draws to a close, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on two unrelated but undeniably interesting companies that have been on our radar. The ever-evolving nature of the markets teaches us that what made sense a year ago can be dramatically different today.

In this week’s episode of Magic Markets, we’re diving into Disney and Yum! Brands to see how they’ve fared since our last discussion.

Some of the points we discussed include:

  • Is Disney losing the plot when it comes to new content?
  • Theme parks attendance is down – is this a reflection of consumers under pressure?
  • Disney is cracking down on password sharing – will this result in a better outcome on the bottom line
  • What do LeBron James and a purple tastebud-shaped mascot have in common?
  • Burger King and McDonald’s are making moves on fried chicken. Should KFC be worried?
  • Value meals are great for cash-strapped consumers – but could they spell the end for independent operators?

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