In the ever-evolving world of footwear, two feuding giants stand tall: Crocs and Nike. These industry titans have recently unveiled their latest financial results, sending ripples across the market. In this podcast, we’ll be discussing their performance and strategies with a look through to the work we’ve uncovered on both brands in the Magic Markets Premium library. So, lace up or slip into your favourite pair as we answer the following questions:

  • Crocs delivered a positive surprise when we first covered it in December 2022. Were they able to keep the momentum going?
  • Is “meh” a genuine technical term used to describe a stock’s performance, or is Moe talking nonsense?
  • New kid Hey Dude is an important part of the Crocs story – but is it making enough money to justify its adoption into the brand?
  • Nike is embracing the digital age. Why is this bad news for retailers?
  • Nike is making some very assertive claims about their ability to not only grow sportswear, but sport itself. Does the growth story support these claims?
  • One of these two brands achieved growth of 371% over the last 5 years. Can you guess which one it is?

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